Best Anti-aging Products for People in Their 40s

Best Anti-aging Products for People in Their 40s

Aging is a natural occurrence in a human's life. When you reach the age of 40s, you may notice that your skin is less moisturized, and wrinkles and fine lines are starting to appear. However, thanks to modern technology, there are now anti-aging products that will help slow down the signs.

The problem is that plenty of products nowadays are marketed as 'anti-aging' and best for 'people in their 40s'. But, what exactly are anti-aging products, and which ones are the best? Continue reading this article for more valuable information.

What are Anti-aging Products?

Anti-aging products are those that are marketed as such by skincare companies. Many are quite unsure about them because the FDA does not regulate this particular labeling. There is no official standard on which products qualify as anti-aging. This means that companies can simply claim that the products are 'anti-aging.

As a vigilant consumer, what you can do when looking for the best anti-aging product is to look at the active ingredients that it contains. The following ingredients are scientifically proven to decrease the signs of aging:

  • Alpha-hydroxy Acids

Citric acids, glycolic, and lactic are some examples of Alpha-hydroxy acids. These are natural ingredients derived from milk sugars and fruit. Most of these have brightening effects on the skin.

This can be beneficial for older people because the skin will start losing pigment as it grows older, making it look dull and less radiant. In addition, these acids have properties that make skin look tighter and smoother.

However, these active ingredients are not recommended for those who are constantly under the heat of the sun. They may cause redness or peeling. It's better for nighttime skincare products.


  • Peptides

Peptides are small proteins that encourage the growth of new cells and help skin cells to heal. This can be highly beneficial for people with aging skin because the skin will eventually lose fat and appear to be sagging.

This is a good ingredient to look out for moisturizer that claims to be anti-aging. Its hydrating benefit can make fine lines appear to be less noticeable.

  • Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a component usually found in red wine, and it's also widely used in supplements. It's a natural plant compound.

A few pieces of research have shown that resveratrol has a potential anti-aging benefit. In one of those research, mice that were used in the study showed slower signs of aging. However, there has to be more research to be done to confirm that this has anti-aging benefits fully.

  • Retinol

You may have already heard of retinol since it's a common ingredient used in skincare products. The reason behind that is because it's a natural form of vitamin A and has anti-aging properties. It can improve the thickness of your skin and its elasticity.


Final Words

When looking for the best anti-aging skin product, remember that every skin type is unique. It would help if you chose those with active ingredients that will help with your problem instead of what's hyped in the mainstream media.

If you are not yet in your 40s, it is best to start treating your skin well to slow down the signs of aging. There are plenty of skincare products that can help you do this, but we recommend the EvenSkyn Lumo. It's a premium anti-aging and skin tightening handset that will give you clinic-like results in the comforts of your own home at a reasonable price.


 Author: April Ann Q. 


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