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An ultra-premium radio frequency-based anti-aging beauty handset for home-use that is loaded with cutting-edge technologies proven to reverse the effect of aging such as fine line, wrinkles, sagging skin & more.

Radio frequency: 1Mhz (97V to 118V) 
Ion: 100Hz
EMS: 100Hz
ENI: 10Hz
Blue Light: 465nm
Red Light: 623nm

Safety Certifications:
FDA, Health Canada, CE, EMC, RoHS, CQC, PES compliant.

Product Manual: English French

Service: 2-Day FedEx Worldwide Shipping 

Price: Free Shipping

Tracking: Provided with 24 hours of shipment by email.

Advanced Features

We've incorporated a high definition LCD panel, a waterproof shell, as well as the following cutting-edge skin-tightening technologies into the Lumo handset.


Blue & Red LED Light
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Varying wavelength of lights speed up the remodelling and regeneration of collagen.

Radiofrequency (RF)

RF Collagen Stimulation
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The most powerful feature of the Lumo: Radiofrequency waves that warm the dermis to 40 degrees celcius and speed up skin renewal.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Micro-current Firming
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Minute, precise amounts of micro-currents in the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) mode help firm up the skin by stimulating and firming face and neck muscles.

get results in 8 weeks


Week 1

24 to 48 hours after the first session with the Lumo, sensitive areas (e.g. around lips) will feel tighter and more contracted.


Week 2-5

Weekly use of the Lumo, especially if used in the powerful EMS mode, will gradually show noticeable signs of wrinkles being resolved. This is a result of RF-stimulated collagen being stimulated, growing as a results, and being remodeled in the process.  


Week 5-10

Prolonged use of the Lumo over successive once-a-week session can drastically address skin laxity, inelasticity, volume concerns, and most importantly, wrinkles & fine lines.

Anti-aging &

collagen stimulation

The most powerful feature of the 

EvenSkyn® Lumo is radio frequency 

waves that initially warm the dermis to 
140°F (60°C) for 20 seconds, before
maintaining a constant temperature
of 104°F (40°C).

Face-lifting &


With Lumo’s technology you 

will see significant reduction 

in fine lines and wrinkles in 

just 3 uses.

LED light therapy

Helps rejuvenate aging skin. Red phototherapy promotes anti-aging, whereas blue phototherapy 
soothes & calms the skin.

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Lumo vs other anti-aging handsets: 4X Radio Frequency Power

EvenSkyn® Lumo (4X Power)

1Mhz RF; 97V to 118V (Level 1 to 5)

Other Anti-Aging Devices

Usually ~25% power of Lumo


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