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The Ultrasonic Facial & The Ultrasonic Spatula | How They Work

The Ultrasonic Facial & The Ultrasonic Spatula | How They Work

Ultrasonic Facial and Ultrasonic Spatula therapy are both anti-aging and nourishing facial treatments. Both methods supply your skin with active deep cleansing agents for a fresher and younger look. That is why these are known to be powerful components of facial treatments globally.

The Ultrasonic Facial

An Ultrasonic Facial is a device that produces fast oscillations and utilizes low-frequency vibrations to give the skin a fresh, young, and smooth look. The therapy is safe and non-invasive and can be applied to all types of skin complexion.

How it Works

The Ultrasonic Facial device removes dead skin debris and cells through cavitation. Cavitation is the same process that skin tightening treatments use. It also uses sound waves to eliminate toxic substances that have built up in your face.

For example, EvenSkyn® Lumo has been proven scientifically to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin using cutting-edge technology.

The Ultrasonic Spatula

An Ultrasonic Spatula uses ultrasonic waves to detach and eliminate skin debris and dead cells, similar to an Ultrasonic Facial machine. However, the Ultrasonic Spatula utilizes high-frequency, unlike the Ultrasonic Facial device.

It has its name because it has similarities with a spatula one uses in the kitchen, which has a smooth handle and a metal top. Different types of Ultrasonic Spatulas have various features, but what draws people's attention is the device's ability to unclog the pores and gather the skin toxins through gliding.

Moreover, people are fascinated with the device because you can see sebum coming out as you push your face.

How it Works

As mentioned, the Ultrasonic Spatula uses high-frequency soundwaves to loosen up dirt, dead skin, and oil from your skin. It is similar to devices, such as EvenSkyn® Cosmo, a portable Ultrasonic Facial cleanser that uses BLT (Blue Light Therapy) to kill acne-causing bacteria and eliminate dead skin.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Treatments

Aside from getting rid of harmful elements from your skin, below are other benefits you can get from Ultrasonic treatments:

  • Your skin will appear brighter and clearer after a few sessions.

  • It can help individuals who are dealing with acne problems. The device can go deep into the skin to eliminate dirt, which is causing the problem.

  • After applying the device, there will be no redness, unlike microdermabrasion, and you will still experience deep cleaning. So, you don’t have to worry about looking red after using the machine.

  • Getting rid of all the toxins in your face can shrink the appearance of your pores. As a result, your skin will produce more collagen to tighten your skin and make you look younger.

  • It can be applied to people with sensitive skin because the procedure is gentle, and the machine is designed to exfoliate.

  • It is hygienic. These Ultrasonic devices don’t use discs, brushes, or abrasive procedures that collect bacteria and dead skin after use. You need to clean the spatula with an alcohol wipe.

  • It will make the skin products you apply more effective. Note that exfoliation is a prerequisite to using other products for skincare so that they could penetrate the skin surface.

  • All the benefits mentioned above aim to reverse your skin from aging.

The Ultrasonic Facial and Ultrasonic Spatula are devices you can use, clean, and store easily while getting anti-aging benefits. If you have major skin problems, always seek the advice of a professional before using one.


 Author: April Ann Q. 





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