Why an at-home DIY IPL or Laser hair removal device may very well be a better alternative than going to a Laser Hair Removal Clinic near you

Why an at-home DIY IPL or Laser hair removal device may very well be a better alternative than going to a Laser Hair Removal Clinic near you

IPL hair removal is a revolutionary method to get rid of unwanted body hairs. Though Laser hair removal at clinics had been considered as one of the most effective methods for hair removal for a very long time now, IPL Laser hair removal at home is quickly picking the pace. 

EvenSkyn’s IPL laser, the Pulsar, one of the best at home IPL Laser hair removal device available, offers the comfort to remove the hairs at-home without the hassle of booking a clinic appointment or wasting time on traveling to the clinic. Not only does the IPL device offers the flexibility to perform hair removal at your convenience, but also is very economic. On the other hand, Laser hair clinics are of course, expensive with the added inconvenience to schedule a prior appointment outside the comfort of your own home. 

Pictured: The EvenSkyn Pulsar At-Home Laser / IPL Hair Removal Handset lasering away hair from the skin by targeting hair follicles with Intense Pulsed Light.   

Why chose at home IPL over clinic based laser hair removal

Just like Laser, even at home IPL devices provide the flexibility to alter the settings in such a way that each person can modify the settings of light to suit their skin type and tone. This recognizes the fact that not only different people will have different requirements for a light-based hair removal technique but also, thicker bikini line hairs will require a different treatment to the thinner arm-hairs. 

Another thing, that sets the IPL Laser treatment apart from the Laser hair removal at a clinic is the fact that it can be done yourself. Clinic based laser hair removal requires the expertise of a professional technician; however, EvenSkyn’s IPL laser hair removal device allows you to perform the procedure yourself without any special training or qualification. The manual that comes along with the product provides all the instructions that you need to know before using the IPL device. Though, it is very important to follow the instructions provided in the manual for a safe and effective experience. 

Interestingly, one of the key concepts that differentiate the IPL from a Laser treatment lies in the fact that IPL uses broad-spectrum light which is staggered while Laser utilizes single-spectrum light which is focused. As the light covers a broader area of the skin with an IPL device, it means that IPL can treat a larger area in a shorter time as compared to a Laser hair removal treatment session.

Lastly, one of the key benefits of using an at-home IPL device is the minimal side effects of this type of treatment. Since the light does not go too deep in the skin, the side effects are limited and rarely, serious. A Laser, however, can cause more damage to the skin as the light beams are focused, concentrated at a small area of the skin. The most common side-effects are skin irritation and pigment changes for both IPL and Laser hair removal treatments. 


Overall, it seems safe to conclude that an at-home IPL device is a much more convenient, cheaper, customizable, efficient, easier, and comparatively safer method for hair removal than going to a Laser clinic for Laser hair removal. Moreover, you own the device, and can even share it with your friends and family unlike Laser-based hair removal treatment at a clinic. EvenSkyn’s products also come with a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the device.


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