Types of facelift procedures & can you avoid surgery to address wrinkles?

Types of facelift procedures & can you avoid surgery to address wrinkles?

Colloquially, when people refer to a ‘facelift’ the image that often comes to mind is human intervention that results in a more youthful facial appearance. However, it is important to understand and appreciate that there are many routes to achieving such an end. Be it dietary supplements, a non-ablative technique or perhaps the most invasive of the options, cosmetic surgery known as Rhytidectomy, active intervention can provide desirable results to those looking for a solution to their aging appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery
In a facelift surgical procedure, to create a younger appearance of the face whereby sagging skin or folds in the skin, especially on the cheeks, jawline and forehead area are most prominent, a flap of skin on each side of the face may be tightened by stretching or pulling back of the skin. It is not uncommon for the neck region to also be surgically treated as part of a facelift procedure. 

Laser Treatments
These treatments typically utilize a laser that removes old epidermal cells and deposits significant but controlled amounts of heat into the lower dermis layer of the skin to stimulate collagen growth. Lasers can either be non-ablative, or ablative. Ablative lasers often are ideal for removing the top layer of the skin, whereas non-ablative lasers work on heating the underlying skin tissue. Furthermore, whereas ablative treatments require anesthesia given the pain that can be associated with such treatments, non-ablative procedures can be almost pain free. However, ablative or non-ablative, laser may not be an option for wrinkle removal for persons with darker skin tones. While nowhere close to replacing cosmetic surgeries, lasers do help tighten the skin to a degree and help improve the appearance of scars, skin texture, rhytides and lentigines.

Radiofrequency (RF) Therapy
Arguably the fastest emerging area of cosmetic dermatology, radiofrequency (RF) therapy is a nonsurgical method for addressing wrinkles and skin elasticity concerns. RF is now increasingly being seen as the better alternative to filler & injections. Similar to laser treatments, but in a more significant manner and with more noticeable results, RF therapy works through the warming of the dermis layer as the way to stimulate increased collagen growth. The RF waves penetrate right to the dermis without affecting or heating the epidermis and the result is contraction, realignment and remodeling of dermal collagen that increases volume and tightens skin. RF therapy also benefits from being a full-body treatment and one that is virtually pain-free. EvenSkyn’s extremely popular and cutting-edge Lumo anti-aging handset is also foundationally based on RF technology and applies it at a frequency of 1 Megahertz with results that can be seen as early as the second or third weekly session, with each session lasting roughly no more than 5 to 7 minutes for the full face. 

While the aforementioned therapies and treatment types are by no means an exhaustive list of treatment options available for lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, they are arguably the most popular and widely used. With the popularity of RF growing with every passing day, lasers remain a strong candidate for those looking for a minimally painfully and non-invasive alternative to temporary fixes such as fillers and injectables. Finally, cosmetic surgery remains the go-to for those desirous of drastic outcomes, and surgical intervention often delivers what at-home or in-clinic devices simply cannot over the same time period. That being said, however, and although this is up for debate, with the correct dietary regimen, skin care routine and helper aids such as the RF-based at-home EvenSkyn Lumo handset, those starting to show signs of aging can engage in a plethora of healthy routines than can save them from going under the knife. We at EvenSkyn always recommend anyone considering a facelift or skin tightening procedure to always thoroughly research their options and consult a Board-certified physician such as a dermatologist on the best route for their given situation/condition.


EvenSkyn® is a North American manufacturer of high-end beauty handsets for home use and has invested significant capital in to developing solutions of the wider populace that would otherwise only be available at a cosmetic clinic or dermatology offices. EvenSkyn can be contacted via email at, or via phone at +1-866-EVN-SKYN (386-7596).

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