Advantages of at-Home Bikini & Brazilian hair removal with IPL

Advantages of at-Home Bikini & Brazilian hair removal with IPL

For years, women have been relying on waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams for getting rid of unwanted body hairs. Electrolysis and Laser hair removal at a clinic has also been preferred methods for many who could afford these expensive treatments. Though, with evolving technology, now best at home Laser hair removal treatment can be done in the comfort of your own homes by just using an IPL device such as EvenSkyn's Pulsar.

Cost advantages of at home IPL laser treatment

The IPL device is a one-time investment, which is still way cheaper when compared to a Laser hair removal machine treatment at a clinic. The cost of a Laser hair removal device treatment for a bikini line and a Brazilian at a clinic is way higher than what you would spend in buying an IPL device. Even when it comes to shaving, waxing, or using a depilatory cream for pubic hairs, the long-term cost, pain, and inconvenience are high as compared to using an at-home hair removal device. 

It has been reported that the average cost of a Brazilian wax could range from anywhere between $55-$90 per session. However, these rates can increase when you visit a high-end waxing salon. While you may still be able to find a cheaper salon service, they could be often not specializing in waxing, let alone Brazilian waxes which take a lot of expertise and precision. If it is a bikini wax, it can still range anywhere between $30-$50 depending on the establishment and location. These amounts are when we have not even considered any tips that you may add for your technician. To put the cost of a Brazilian wax in perspective, let us help you to break it down. If your Brazilian waxing session is on the lower end of the expense scale and you are paying $55 for one session without any tip to your technician, and getting a Brazilian wax every month of the year in the best-case scenario, then you are spending about $660 every year alone on Brazilian waxing. Now using this math, and assuming you are getting it done for 5 years regularly, you would be spending about $3,300 in that time on Brazilian waxing alone. Extend that to a course of 10 years and you are looking at close to $7,000, which is a lot of money to be spent on the waxing of your pubic hairs.  You can instead own an IPL device for about $300 and use it for most of your body parts, even share with your family and friends and get PERMANENT hair removal in just a few months of repeated usage.

Convenience advantage of at home IPL laser treatment:

The advantages of owning an IPL device are endless when it comes to using it for a bikini line or Brazilian hair removal. Not just that they provide permanent hair removal upon repeated usage which waxing or shaving won't, but also that you can do it on your own. It is nearly impossible to wax your own back or full bikini area by yourself, which could feel awkward for many as that means someone else has to do it for you! For anyone who enjoys privacy and likes simplicity, they are bound to like an at-home IPL device. An at-home IPL device on the other hand is the solution to all of this and much more. It spares you from the embarrassment of letting some stranger touch your private parts in the name of hair removal. 


Make sure to read the user manual carefully before you use an IPL device at-home and that should cover you for anything you need to know about - before and after an at-home IPL hair removal treatment session. IPL laser hair removal at home is non-invasive, almost painless, leaves your skin silky soft, and smooth is fast, and cost-effective. An IPL device also saves you from any in-grown hairs which is a very common problem post-waxing of Brazilian or bikini line area. There are no side-effects of having blisters with an IPL device, which also could be very painful once they occur.


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