Lumo + Venus: The Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star Bundle


A match made in anti-aging heaven. Providing full coverage from the forehead to the décolletage, the 'Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Star' bundle features one of each: a Lumo handset and a Venus wand.

This professional-grade beauty combination, in addition to providing wrinkle reduction for sagging facial and neck skin through the powerful effects of the Lumo, now also helps you keep the dark circles and under-eye bags in check with the Venus! 

The Lumo and Venus both make use of proprietary and patented technologies developed by EvenSkyn® that actively rejuvenate and result in:

 ✓ Tighter facial (including all skin in the eye socket area), neck (except directly over thyroid), and décolletage skin.
 ✓ Lifting effects that can start to be seen as early as the first couple uses.
 ✓ Contouring and toning, making facial features appear smoother after successive uses.
 ✓ Increased collagen synthesis, remodeling & growth — giving user's face a consistent, healthy glow & youthful appearance.


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Lumo & Venus

EvenSkyn® Lumo and EvenSkyn® Venus are complementary skin rejuvenating and skin tightening devices. Learn more about the benefits of each.

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