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The Three Musketeers Bundle
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Experience the pinnacle of anti-aging technology with our complete bundle. Our flagship RF-based Lumo skin tightening device, Venus eye-area anti-aging wand, and pro-grade Mirage LED face mask work together to provide maximum coverage and rejuvenation for all facial, neck, and décolletage areas.

Indulge in the cutting-edge technologies of anti-aging skincare, featuring the latest advancements in radiofrequency, red, blue, and yellow light therapy, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), sonic massaging, and thermal heating. all working together to tighten and rejuvenate your skin.

Power Adapter: US/CA
Color: White
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Usage Frequency and Duration

These guidelines optimize EvenSkyn Lumo, Venus and Mirage’s benefits while ensuring safe usage. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions, not strict rules. Listen to your body and seek advice from a healthcare professional if needed.

Usage suggestion: Lumo Venus Mirage
No. of session per week 1 to 2 times 5 times 5 times
Suggested days Mon, Friday Mon - Fri On non-Lumo days
Min. per session 5-8 min 5-8 min 25 min
Use with Conduction Gel Any eye-cream
Technology RF, EMS, LED, SMT, ION, ENI Thermal Heating, LED, SMT Pro LED

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Read through the benefits of Lumo, Venus and Mirage and learn how you can bring your at-home skincare to a professional grade!

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