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Venus is a premium eyelid anti-aging device that helps soothe the uneven look of aging eyelid skin by helping promote new cell generation and through enhancing existing skin repair processes.

• Removal of eye bags
• Lifting, tightening & firming of eyelid skin
• Reduction in dark circles around eyes
• Smoothing of eyelid fine lines & wrinkles

For Venus usage duration instructions: click here.

• Battery: 320mAh Lithium-ion battery
• Size: 14.4 × 2.3 × 2.1 cm
• Technologies: Phototherapy, Thermal Collagen

Sonic Massaging & Ion-Assisted Absorption
• Blue Light wavelength: 465nm
• Red Light wavelength: 623nm
• Functions: Eyelid skin rejuvenation & wrinkle removal / treatment of eye bags, eye puffiness and fatigue

Safety Certification: BSCI, ISO 4001, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485

Product Manual: English

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Venus Reviews & Experiences

Advanced Features

The EvenSkyn® Venus' two modes each use a breadth of technologies to rejuvenate & soothe eyelid skin cells. These include constant thermal collagen stimulation, ionic import, sonic massaging & phototherapy. 

Sonic Massage

Restores Eyelid Skin Vitality
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Increases synthesis of structural proteins responsible for cell rigidity, resulting in the improvement of wrinkles with successive (typically weekly) uses. The device head gently and intermittently oscillates 12,000 times per minute to relax eye muscles.

Collagen Stimulation

Temperature of 42°C (107.6°F)
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Thermal stimulation promotes collagen growth. Cell vitality is improved due to the constant heat, as is the absorption rate of eye creams, resulting in visibly reduced lines & bags.

Nutrition Uptake

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Skin permeability is affected in favor of absorption of anti-aging eye care products such as nourishing and revitalizing serums through iontophoresis that uses a voltage gradient on the skin to help enhance the transport of molecules.

step by step guide: how to use the device

step by step guide:
how to use the device


For Vibration + LED + Thermal Stimulation: Ensure you are touching the silver trim around the power button while using the device. This ensures conduction and vibrations are continuous. 

LED & Heating Mode only (no vibrations): To only have Thermal Stimulation and LED be activated, without the sonic vibrations, while using the device around the eyes, ensure you are holding the white parts of the device only, and not make any skin contact with the silver trim around the power button. If your skin makes contact with the silver trim, vibrations will resume.

To start using Venus, first dab/tap skin cream in spots around your eyes. Then softly massage it in.

Hold the device flat against the eyelid skin and, starting with the area below the tear ducts, gently glide the device across the eyelid. The device will vibrate when full in contact with the skin.

For best results, softly press and hold the device against the skin for 10 seconds in the areas indicated above. Repeat 2 to 3 times.

As a final step, you may go around each eye in a circular motion, as shown above. This is to get full skin coverage and may be done 3 to 5 times per eye.

Treat saggy eyelids
& hooded eyes

Every successive use of the EvenSkyn® Venus helps with deeper penetration of anti-aging eye serums & creams, resulting in firmer and tighter eyelid skin. 

lips too!

In addition to rejuvenating eyelid skin, the EvenSkyn® Venus doubles as a lip rejuvenating pen. Sustained use can help with faster lip cell renewal, resulting in fuller, healthier lips.

Light collagen activation
 & eyelid skin firming

LED red light helps rejuvenate the skin cell and firm the eyelids. A light shake of the device changes to the blue light soothing massage mode, that helps to calm the eyelid skin & shrink pores.

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Product manual: Click HERE


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