EvenSkyn® Eclipse

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Everyday Skin Toning & Maintenance Handset
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$162.49 USD $249.99 USD

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The perfect everyday skin maintenance companion designed to complement your skin care routine by offering a superior cleansing, more effective product penetration, a renewed glow, and an overall more toned & lifted appearance. A first of its kind, the Eclipse features the unique combination of ultrasound paired with microcurrent, red light therapy, facial sonic massaging and thermal skin activation technologies. 

Guaranteed noticeable results within 8 weekly uses or your money back, as per the EvenSkyn® 60 Day Money Back promise.

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    Light Therapy:
    Red Light: 623nm
    Blue Light: 465nm

    Battery: 3.7V, 800mAh
    Adapter: Input 100~240V, 0.35A; Output 5V 1A
    Power Rating: 3W (Max.)
    Charging Duration: 2 hours
    Standby Current: 20µA
    Weight: 145g

    Product Manual:
    Eng lish

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    Designed in Canada

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    FDA Approved

    Pro-grade skincare device

    Proven Clinical Studies

    1 Year Warranty

    FDA Cleared

    60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Safe for all skin types



    Included treatment

    Discover the transformative treatments and cutting-edge features that come included with our products.

    Thermal Activation

    Heat is generated specifically to cause thermal coagulation in the deep layers of the skin, which triggers a wound healing response & increased blood flow.

    Focused Ultrasound

    Sonophoresis, causing droplets to vaporize on contact, stimulates collagen-producing fibroblasts cells and helps with enhanced cleansing & product penetration

    6 Powerful Modes

    Upon turning on the device, a light cycles through the six available modes of the Eclipse which are as follows: Cleansing (C), Nutrition (N), Lifting (L), Photorejuvention (P), Massaging (M) and Soothing (S).

    How to use the Eclipse

    Unleashing the Power of Dermal Technology

    Prep Your Skin

    Before use, ensure your face is clean and free of oils. Hold the power button for 2-3 seconds until the mode letters cycle on the panel. Choose your desired mode by pressing the mode button when the light is stationary over the desired letter. For enhanced efficacy, always apply the EvenSkyn Conduction gel before using the device.

    Mazimize Results

    For optimal results with the Eclipse, use circular motions for Cleansing, Nourishment, Massage, and Soothing modes, and linear motions for Photorejuvenation and Lifting modes. Avoid overstimulation by moving the device in slow, constant motion over the treatment area, not exceeding 10 seconds in one spot.

    Tone & Lift

    If your main concern is anti-aging prioritize sessions in the Lifting, LED light therapy, and Massaging modes. Microcurrent effectively tones and contours muscles, while Photobiomodulation therapy with red LED light triggers collagen production, improving skin elasticity. Additionally, Sonic vibrations enhance blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage for a comprehensive anti-aging experience.

    Optimal Usage Frequency for Eclipse

    These guidelines optimize EvenSkyn Eclipse’s benefits while ensuring safe usage based on your age group. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions, not strict rules. Listen to your body and seek advice from a healthcare professional if needed.

    Modes Uses per week Minutes per session
    Cleansing 3 4 minutes
    Nourishment 7 3 minutes
    Lifting 3 4 minutes
    Photorejuvenation 4 4 minutes
    Massage 7 3 minutes
    Soothing 7 3 minutes

    Revolutionizing Skincare To Level Up Your Routine

    Revolutionary skin renewing technologies, such as focused ultrasound energy, previously only available in-clinic, now feature in a combinatorial fashion in the Eclipse to help offer unmatched deep cleansing, activating collagen production and improving skin laxity & firmness.


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