EvenSkyn® Conduction Gel

Pro-level Water-Based Activator
The EvenSkyn Conduction Gel is intended to be used with microcurrent, radio frequency and ultrasound devices. This gel serves as a highly-conductive viscous medium, allowing for maximum conduction of skin stimulating currents and waves.

We offer two packs of our conduction gel. The first pack includes one 300 mL gel bottle, providing approximately 60 treatmentsᶿ. The second pack includes two 600 mL gel bottles, offering around 120 treatmentsᶿ.

ᶿThe number of treatments may vary from person to person and assumes concurrent 3-region use, i.e., face, neck, and décolletage.

1 x 300 mL Gel Bottle ≈ 60 Treatmentsᶿ
2 x 600 mL Gel Bottles ≈ 120 Treatmentsᶿ

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1 x 300mL gel bottle ≈ 60 Treatmentsᶿ

ᶿNumber of treatments may vary from person to person & assumes concurrent 3-region use, i.e., face, neck & décolletage.

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