Benefits of IPL Laser hair removal at home and why the IPL intensity of the handset matters

Benefits of IPL Laser hair removal at home and why the IPL intensity of the handset matters

At home IPL Laser hair removal device offers the comfort of removing unwanted body hairs at-home. Not only does it provide flexibility to perform hair removal at your convenience, but is also very economical. You can use the device yourself without any special training or qualification by just reading the user manual that comes along with the product. The pulsed light emitted through the IPL device is broad-spectrum and covers a larger area of the skin in a shorter time. At-home IPL devices also have minimal side effects and rarely serious, as the light does not go too deep into the skin. Moreover, you own the IPL device, and can even share it with your friends and family. EvenSkyn’s at home IPL device, the EvenSkyn Pulsar / Pulsar X, also come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the device.

IPL intensity as per skin tone:

Unfortunately, IPL does not work on very dark skin as there is a risk of hyperpigmentation. However, it works well on almost all other skin colors. In terms of hair color also, since dark hairs have melanin, this treatment works very well on them as light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair root follicles, destroying the hair follicle. 

See below the skin tone chart to understand which skin tones will IPL work. If you have the top right-hand side skin tone on the below chart them IPL is not suitable for you. 

Skin Chart EvenSkyn for laser and IPL hair removal treatment

Evenskyn’s IPL device, the Pulsar is one of the best hair laser removal devices available and works on all skin types except those that either lack melanin, known as albinism or those, where the skin tone is dark brown or black. Since melanin-rich skin cells absorb the light energy and become very hot, it can cause pain or blisters and even burns in some cases. Therefore, it is not advised for people with darker skin types to use IPL devices for hair removal at home, such as the Pulsar. The Pulsar is built to allow you to alter its functional settings in such a way that each person can modify the settings of pulsed light to suit their skin tone for optimal efficacy and safety. The device has 8 smart modes to select from. In case you are not sure, test an area of your skin with the lowest intensity level of the device as it will transfer the lowest amount of energy to the hair follicle or consult a dermatologist or similar medical professional before using it. You can gradually increase the sensitivity, based on how the skin responds or as required. This entire concept to be able to modify the device setting is based on the fact that not only different people will have different requirements for the intensity of light-based hair removal machine but also, that thicker bikini line hairs will require different treatment as compared to the thinner arm-hairs. 

The Pulsar releases precise and controlled pulses of filtered light at specific wavelengths. This light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair root follicles. Some hair colors such as white, grey, very light blonde, or red hair often do not contain the sufficient amount of melanin that is required to get rid of them in their roots. Hence, this type of treatment is not very effective for these hair colors. However, it works for the majority of other hair colors. It is possible, for very blonde people if they have some pigment in their hairs, would be able to use IPL for hair removal. However, it is advised to first consult a dermatologist in such borderline cases. 


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