Dear EVENSKYN Community,

Exciting changes are on the horizon for EVENSKYN as we embark on a new journey under new, sophisticated leadership. What the company will go through in the near term can only best be formally described as 'corporate restructuring.' We're thus thrilled to share that our current product lineup is set to soar into a more premium & upmarket segment, promising enhanced features and even more value for our valued customers.

As we gear up for this incredible transformation, we have an important announcement regarding our existing inventory:

📅 LIQUIDATION DEADLINE: February 4, 2024 (Already passed)

📦 ORDERS FULFILLED BY: February 29, 2024

This means that we guarantee all EVENSKYN product are available for ordering until February 4, 2024. While the 50% discount will continue to be offered beyond February 4, 2024, we do not guarantee stock or color availability, and most existing new inventory is expected to sell out completely shortly following the lapsing of the February 4, 2024 deadline. The clock is ticking, and we're offering unbeatable deals on our entire inventory. But, before you dive into the shopping spree, here are a few key details to keep in mind:

🛍️ What's In Store for You:

  • never-before-seen store-wide 50% discount on all EVENSKYN products 
  • Limited-time liquidation that is live now and practically ends as & when all stock is sold out.
  • All products in store subject to the liquidation, including the latest updated devices such as the Lumo+ —no exceptions!

🔔 Important Notes for Your Attention:

  • 🚫 No returns or refunds for products purchased from January 28, 2024, onwards. To be clear, any product on which a 50% discount was offered, will not be eligible for refund, exchange or warranty claims.
  • 🚨 Final sales (guaranteed fulfilment) on all products during the initial liquidation period (February 4, 2024). As clarified above, beyond February 4, 2024, stock availability is not guaranteed and your order may be cancelled and any funds refunded if we are out of stock on a given product, and/or no alternative variants/colors can be offered.
  • 🌐 All orders placed during the liquidation period will be fulfilled if the product is in stock. The only exception will be where the order is unfillable and will then subsequently be cancelled/refunded.
  • ⚠️ No new product returns, exchanges, or warranty claims accepted during the liquidation period (January 28th to February 4, 2024).

Remember, only sealed, new products will be available during this time, ensuring you receive the quality you've come to expect from EVENSKYN. However, please note that no additional discounts or promotions will be applicable during this liquidation period.

Lastly, be informed that we do not guarantee that the current offering of EVENSKYN products will still be offered following the company restructuring. Therefore, as a second (and final) reminder, this is your ONE AND ONLY chance to get the EVENSKYN products you love at a 50% discount—something that has never been offered before. 

Join us in celebrating the past and embracing the future with EVENSKYN! We appreciate your continued support and can't wait for you to experience the exciting evolution of our brand.

Happy shopping!

Warm regards,