New Lumo⁺ Pre-Orders Now Open

Lumo⁺ Release Date and Updates

Date of Posting: August 21, 2023

Lumo⁺ Release
The #1 Best Selling Anti-Aging device by EvenSkyn, the Lumo, is getting a mid-life upgrade and all Lumo orders placed via as of August 22, 2023 (and onwards), will be for the new Lumo⁺ version.

Pre-Orders Open
All Lumo orders between August 22, 2023 and September 14, 2023 will be considered Pre-Orders and all Lumo orders will experience a 'hold period' until the new Lumo⁺ is in stock.

Expected Shipping Date 
The expected shipping timeframe of all orders received between  August 22, 2023 and September 14, 2023 is the third week of September, 2023. Automated shipping updates will be sent out with the orders' respective tracking number as soon as the new Lumo⁺ is in stock.

Lumo⁺ Updates 

Battery: New 2000mAh battery that packs 3x more capacity that the current Lumo (current Lumo has a battery size of 650mAh).

Temperature Sensor: Titanium alloy temperature probe (on the head of the device): Allows for 2.5x more precise targeting of the dermis layer for stimulation compared to the existing temperature sensing probe on the original Lumo.

LCD Screen: The new Lumo⁺ has a refreshed LCD screen, with simplified menu nomenclature and command prompts. The manual has also been revised to incorporate the new easy-of-use changes.

Charging: New fast-charging power adapter & USB now come standard on the new Lumo⁺ to allow for the same charging time as the existing Lumo, despite the new battery having a 3.5x more capacity.  

Ordering Information
To ensure you receive the new Lumo⁺ simply place an order for the Lumo⁺ on the Lumo product page/listing on our website ( for either the pink or the white version as this will be the only model we will be fulfilling starting the 2nd and 3rd week of September. The Lumo listing page can be found by clicking HERE.