EvenSkyn® Venus

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Eyelid Anti-Aging Device
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$129.99 USD $199.99 USD

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The Venus is the ultimate solution for aging eyelid skin. It helps soothe the uneven look of aging eyelid skin by helping promote new cell generation and enhancing existing skin repair processes. With two effective modes, Active Collagen Activation and Soothing Nutrient Uptake & Skin Firming, Venus utilizes LED light therapy and Sonic Vibration to achieve faster results.

The EvenSkyn Venus is ideal for:

    Lifting, tightening & firming of eyelid skin
    Smoothing of eyelid fine lines & wrinkles
    Removal of eye bags
    Reduction in dark circles around eyes

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Sonic Massaging & Ion-Assisted Absorption:
    Blue Light wavelength: 465nm
    Red Light wavelength: 623nm

    Battery: 320mAh Lithium-ion battery
    Size: 14.4 × 2.3 × 2.1 cm
    Technologies: Phototherapy, Thermal Collagen
    Weight: 43g

Safety Certification: BSCI, ISO 4001, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485

Product Manual: English

Color: Pearlescent Pink
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Designed in Canada

Free Shipping in US & CA

FDA Approved

Pro-grade skincare device

Proven Clinical Studies

1 Year Warranty

FDA Cleared

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Safe for all skin types

We believe that our story is best told through your skin

By purchasing an EvenSkyn product, you can rest assured that your new skincare tool is of the highest quality based on the latest research. Find out more through our vibrant community, the EvenSkynners.

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8 weeks trail

93% of users experienced liftting & firming effects

Real People. Real Results.

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3 weeks

94% of users noticed their hooded eyelid skin felt tighter

Real People. Real Results.

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6 weeks

96% of users noticed reduction in their fine lines & wrinkles in the corner of their eye

Real People. Real Results.

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How to use the Venus

Unleashing the Power of Dermal Technology

Prep your skin

Prior to use ensure that the area to be treated has been thoroughly cleaned. Apply the desired anti-aging, or nourishing eye cream, then gently glide the device across the lower and upper eyelids, starting from the area below the tear duct. Repeat a few times for each eye.

Maximize Results

Gently give the device a shake or short press the power button to switch from the anti-wrinkle Red LED mode to the Blue LED mode. Similar to the Red LED mode, you may apply any desired anti-aging or nourishing cream to the areas above and below the eyes when using the device in the Blue LED calming and soothing mode.

Soothe & Firm

For Vibration, LED & Thermal Stimulation, ensure you are touching the silver trim around the power button. This ensures conduction and vibration are continuous. If you want to skip vibration, ensure you are holding the white part of the device only, and not make any skin contact with the silver trim around the power button. 

Optimal Usage Frequency for Venus

These gudelines optimize EvenSkyn Venus's benefits while ensuring safe usage based on your age group. Please keep in mind that these are suggestions, not strict rules. Listen to your body and seek advice from a healthcare professional if needed.

Usage suggestion: Age: Below 40 Age: Above 40
No. of session per week 3 to 4 Up to 5
Duration per session (both eyes) 5-8 min 5-8 min
Duration per session (lips) 8 minutes 8 minutes
Use with Any eye-cream Any eye-cream


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