Benefits of Laser Hair Removal At-Home

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal At-Home

For decades, women have relied on waxing or shaving, or depilatory creams for getting rid of unwanted body hairs. Electrolysis and Laser hair removal at a clinic have also been some of the preferred methods for many who could afford these treatments. With the evolving technology, however, Laser hair removal can be done in the comfort of our own homes, by just using an IPL device, such as EvenSkyn's At-Home Laser Hair Removal Handset, the Pulsar (and the upcoming Pulsar X). These products are gradually becoming the choice of many users, who want to achieve permanent hair removal without the hassle of going to a Laser clinic.

Benefits of IPL Laser hair removal at-home:

  • Almost Pain-free: One key factor that differentiates IPL from other conventional hair removal methods such as waxing or Electrolysis is that it is almost pain-free. 
    • Though pain is a relative term for each person, the IPL Laser hair removal at home devices is believed to not cause any pain that can hurt. You would only feel a slight tingling sensation during the process, and nothing after the procedure is complete.
  • One-time investment: Investing in an IPL machine is a smart choice when compared to a Laser hair removal treatment at a clinic. 
    • The cost of Laser treatment for a bikini line and a Brazilian alone at a clinic is way higher than what you would spend in buying an at-home handheld IPL device for hair removal. If you compare the long-term costs for even waxing or shaving at a salon, you would see how economical and cost-effective buying an IPL device can be. Especially, because you own it and can even share it with your friends and family.
    • In addition to that, the product is designed and built in such a way that you can access smaller body parts or difficult to reach body parts such as the armpits or the pubic area.
  • Safe and effective: It has been established as a safe and effective treatment, with minimal side-effects which mostly disappear with time. Clinical studies have also been conducted with various IPL devices to prove the safety, efficacy, and permanence of this method and the devices used.
    • In a multicenter clinical study, 34 individuals showed no long-term complications after receiving three sessions of at-home IPL hair removal treatment.
    • In a clinical trial with 77 appropriate users, the at-home IPL laser was highly effective at removing hairs. A mean hair reduction of 61% was observed only 3 weeks after the first IPL treatment.
    • In a clinical trial with 20 IPL device users, the patient satisfaction scores were noted to be very high after seeing the results from just three self-administered treatment sessions. All patients stated that they would purchase the at-home Laser device for future use too.
  • Long-term results: Repeated use leads to thinner, lighter hair. It can also show permanent hair removal over time with repeated use.
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