Permanent hair removal with IPL and why it's superior to electrolysis, shaving, or waxing hair

Permanent hair removal with IPL and why it's superior to electrolysis, shaving, or waxing hair

IPL machine works by using a wide spectrum of light to destroy unwanted hairs. The treatment can be done at-home using EvenSkyn’s handheld IPL laser hair removal devices, one of the best laser hair removal machines. The treatment needs to be repeated a few times to achieve permanent hair removal. Repeated use also makes the hair grow lighter and thinner with time. You would only feel a slight tingling sensation during the process making it a rather pain-free treatment. It is a safe and effective treatment, with minimal side-effects which disappear with time. 

Comparison vs Conventional methods:

When compared to the conventional methods of hair removal, laser IPL treatment is now quickly growing its fan-base. The reasons are not just limited to those mentioned above but also that IPL is a convenient method of hair removal as compared to electrolysis, shaving, or waxing hairs. We have compared each of these treatment methods with IPL for you to understand which method will suit you best.

  • With an at home IPL device, you do not have to travel to a salon for the treatment and can do it yourself without any special training or qualifications, unlike electrolysis. You would, however, need to very carefully read the user manual provided by the IPL device manufacturer when you purchase the device.
  • Electrolysis is also a time-consuming process as each hair follicle is targeted individually. It means not only each session will be longer if you are treating a larger area but also you would need multiple sessions (as many as 30 or more!) especially if you are dark-skinned or have thick dark hair. 
  • More sessions can make it quite an expensive treatment. Experiencing discomfort or pain, both during and after electrolysis is very common.
  • Unlike shaving or waxing hairs, IPL laser provides long-term results. Hair removal through IPL is permanent over time, meaning you would not have to worry about unwanted hairs anymore! 
  • The initial upfront costs for IPL also prove economical over time. If you consider how much of your time and money you would save from waxing, buying razors, and removal creams regularly for years and years, you would notice that the one-time payment for an IPL device is an investment. You not only own the device, but you can also share it with your friends and family. EvenSkyn’s at-home IPL hair removal device also comes with a one-year warranty. 
  • Moreover, ingrown hairs are a real problem associated with waxing or shaving, while IPL can provide you with silky smooth skin in just about a few sessions. 
EvenSkyn Pulsar: At-Home Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Besides, even though scientific evidence is limited, it has been concluded through clinical trials that ‘Hair removal with lasers and light sources is superior to conventional treatments such as shaving, waxing, and electrolysis.’
(1) You can rest assured now and plan your permanent hair removal sessions in the comfort of your own home, anytime, by using an at-home IPL treatment.


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