Best Anti-Aging Technologies Today

Best Anti-Aging Technologies Today

The recent boom in the popularity of anti-aging technologies has provided numerous business opportunities for the cosmetics sector.

However, considering the lack of proof for the effectiveness and safety of many anti-aging treatments, cosmetics, and anti-aging goods and therapies claiming effective anti-aging technology are becoming extremely prevalent.

Nonetheless, some technologies are known to be more effective than others. With that said, here are some examples of the best anti-aging technologies used today.

  • Radiofrequency

Many people are considering using radio frequency (RF) as an anti-aging remedy. RF energy has long been used in medical equipment. Among the most significant examples of radiofrequency electrocautery devices are “bovies,” which are still commonly used in operating rooms today.

Radiofrequency technology was initially used in dermatology for nonablative skin rejuvenation after the FDA approved RF treatments for face wrinkles reduction in the early 2000s. Then, in 2006, radiofrequency equipment was allowed for off-face procedures.

Furthermore, with the advancement of RF technology for beauty treatments, a wide range of non-surgical anti-aging treatments became possible.

RF therapies have previously been used to treat acne vulgaris, skin laxity, rhytides, scarring, and cellulitis. The majority of the therapy outcomes were favorable. However, the clients who displayed mild to moderate aging signs said this was the best way to achieve beneficial results.

  • Microneedling

Microneedling (MN) is a procedure that involves regularly penetrating the skin with sterilized microneedles.

Microneedling is a low-cost and minimally invasive surgical option for a variety of skincare and cosmetic issues. The concept of MN is based on physical injury. It has been suggested that the dermis regenerates due to the wounds inflicted by needle insertion in the skin.

As a result, the concept of MN has been incorporated in several products to heal scars and wrinkles and rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s appearance.

  • Plants Stem Cell

The finest extracts come from the plants’ stem cells whose fruits or seeds keep their reproducibility and freshness for an extended period. The capacity of a plant to heal other crops or its natural environment in harsh environmental factors are both critical attributes when choosing a plant.

The findings of a study in which human fibroblasts were treated with common aging signs by disrupting the cell DNA in a 2% stem cell extraction in an attempt to counter aging were reported in 2008.

The results showed that increasing the lifespan of blood stem cells from the umbilical cord and prolonging the lifespan of cells isolated from human hair follicles was efficient.

Glycerin extracts from stem cells derived from ginger leave cell extracts, developed by Naolys, also have anti-aging potential. In fact, a clinical trial involving 22 women verified these effects.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, various technologies to treat skin aging are emerging, and they are becoming more prevalent. Radiofrequency technology, micro-needling, and plant stem cell treatments are examples of anti-aging technologies today.

Moreover, to have a safe anti-aging treatment, a more critical reminder is to always ask for your doctor’s opinion if this treatment could be really beneficial to you.

With that said, you can learn more about technologies that are good for your skin at EvenSkyn. Their smart handsets, for example, are excellent options for various uses – from laser hair removal to skin-tightening and anti-aging.

Each one is designed to improve your skin’s overall health without going out to a salon to do so.


  Author: April Ann Q. 


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