Can Micro-Needling and Radiofrequency Work Together?

Can Micro-Needling and Radiofrequency Work Together?

Surgical treatment, such as rhytidectomy, is the standard method for addressing skin sagging and tightening. However, while regularly and universally beneficial, surgical techniques can be intrusive, hazardous, expensive, and unsuitable for some individuals.

As a result, the desire for less invasive therapeutic approaches has grown, as has the area of energy-based tightening, particularly radiofrequency tightening.

Radiofrequency (RF) works by heating tissue by creating an electric field using electromagnetic wave frequencies. Micro-needling, on the other hand, works by triggering the wound healing process.

In this article, you discover if micro-needling and radiofrequency can work together.

The Combination of Micro-Needling and Radio Frequency Treatment

According to a particular study of Advances in Cosmetic Surgery, given the potential of micro-needling and radiofrequency (RF) to improve skin laxity and smoothness as separate methods, the combination of such modalities offered better distribution of thermal energy and more change in skin laxity and appearance.

Fractionation has traditionally been used to describe lasers, especially resurfacing lasers like the c02 laser. However, fractionation has lately been utilized for radiofrequency as well.

As previously stated, RF generates thermal energy by passing an electric current into tissues and encountering resistance. On the other hand, FRF technologies use electrodes in skin contact or arrays of matched microneedles to transfer current thru the epidermis.

As with any operation or device therapy, selecting the right participants is critical to achieving the best results.

The appropriate choice could be the distinction between therapeutic successes and failures for the two most commonly recorded reasons for RFM therapy, acne scarring and skin sagging, especially of the lower neck and face. Acne scarring improves as a result of the skin collagen remodeling that happens after therapy.

The ability to administer heat directly to all dermis layers while minimizing the risks of scorching the epidermis is ideal for treating acne scars in people of all types of skin. However, the kinds of lesions should be carefully recorded during the initial appointment.

This technique begins with the application of sufficient local, regional anesthetic to the affected area. In the rank of least mostly to intrusive, local anesthesia can be achieved in various methods, including local, topical, or tumescent anesthesia.

A single to the multi-pass procedure is employed after anesthesia, with parameters that change the extent of needle insertion to suit the depths of the lesions.

Any use of mild emollients (ointments or creams) to reduce transepidermal loss of water and speed healing is the mainstay of postoperative therapy.

Because of the fractional aspect of such therapies and the lack of necessity for reepithelialization, recovery is usually quick. Lacerations or swelling may appear 1 to 2 days after the surgery. However, this is usually self-limiting.

Skin laxity is caused by intrinsic (or chronological) aging and extrinsic (or environmental) aging, such as UV radiation exposure, pollutants, and smoke. In addition, the skin receives heat from Radiofrequency, which causes regulated collagen denaturation, dermal shrinking, and neocollagenesis.

When used in conjunction with micro-needling, radiofrequency instruments stimulate the wound-healing process and transmit higher heat levels deep into the dermis, leading to increased collagen reconstruction.

RFM technologies improve skin laxity and texture safely and efficiently. However, good patient selection is critical to therapeutic efficacy.

Bottom Line

According to research, using radio frequency-based with micro-needling technologies to treat skin laxity would be effective.

However, some important factors should be considered, such as the patient selection to have a better outcome. The sample research depicted above is a solid example that will support it.

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 Author: April Ann Q. 


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