Comparing Different Types of Skin Cleansing Devices: Blackhead & Whitehead pore vacuums, Ultrasonic Cleansing Spatulas, and Ultrasound-Based Cleansers

Comparing Different Types of Skin Cleansing Devices: Blackhead & Whitehead pore vacuums, Ultrasonic Cleansing Spatulas, and Ultrasound-Based Cleansers

Pore care should always be a priority. Healthy and clean pores, after all, is the key to radiant, glowing skin.

There are many ways to achieve this. You can choose facials to remove blackheads and whiteheads. You can also opt for physical and chemical exfoliators.

But those typically involve spending a lot of money. Having blackhead and whitehead extractions aren't only painful. They cause your skin to redden, and it might end up making your skin condition worse.

What About At-home Solutions?

Your at-home solutions to clean your pores are through mud masks, physical and chemical exfoliators, and DIY manual extractions. There are others who go through a rigorous cleaning regimen to ensure all grime and dirt are removed before going through the rest of their routine.

But what is the best method to keep your skin clean?

There are different methods to help you clean your pores. But the best way to achieve this without irritating your skin is by using specific devices.

Currently, the most popular options to clean pores are through ultrasonic cleansing spatulas, blackhead and whitehead pore vacuums, and ultrasound-based cleansers.

Let's explore the following skin cleaning devices:

Blackhead and Whitehead Pore Vacuums

We put this one at the top of the list because it's the most popular concern. Blackheads and whiteheads are a mix of sebum, oil, and dead skin cells that are trapped within your pores. Both are considered 'non-inflammatory acne.

Blackheads aren't "dirtier" than whiteheads. In fact, they're both the same. Their difference, however, is that whiteheads have closed comedones. Comedones are those bumps you see on your skin that turn into pimples. For blackheads, their comedones are open. Because of that, they are exposed to air which causes them to oxidize and turn black.

Manual extractions are painful. And you have to endure that for hours. Luckily, vacuum cleaners are made to remove gunk from your face sans the pain. 

Pore vacuums are great, but they aren't enough to get rid of deep-rooted blackheads and even the annoying large ones.

Ultrasound-based Cleansers

Ultrasound-based cleaners have been in the spotlight ever since the cleansing brush was released. Although it's been years since then, it's still one of the go-tos of aestheticians, cosmetologists, and even dermatologists.

It promises to remove deep-seated dirt on your skin while gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. The results? Healthier and cleaner skin with less effort. Most devices nowadays have a timer, so you won't end up overdoing it. Feeling clean can be quite addicting.

Ultrasonic Cleansing Spatulas

If you're looking for a device that cleans your face without irritating it, your best bet would probably be an ultrasonic cleansing spatula.

These devices have a metal tip that is used to remove gunk from your face. It then uses ultrasonic waves, which help loosen up your clogged pores. It's another way to remove blackheads without having to go through painful extractions.

Apart from that, ultrasonic cleansing spatulas can also be used when you apply your skincare products. It can help them be more absorbed by the skin to make it plumper and to make sure you're not wasting product.

Final Words

Whatever method or device you use, these are the best ways to get rid of the gunk without the need for manual extractions. Check out EvenSkyn Cosmo's Ultrasonic Facial Cleanser & Scrubber if you're looking for an all-in-one device that works.


  Author: April Ann Q. 

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