Do you need to visit a clinic to get a Hair removal treatment done?

EvenSkyn® Pulsar: At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL technology involves applying multi spectrum light, in the wavelength around 500nm to 1200nm, on the skin surface. The IPL light source targets the dark pigments surrounding the hair follicle and damages it, leading the hair to fall out. The IPL light technology also prevents the hair to re-grow and hence has longer lasting effects.

IPL technology is commonly used by medical and cosmetic professionals to carry out different types of skin treatments for therapeutic and mostly aesthetic purposes. These range of treatments offered through IPL include hair removal, photorejuvenation (in the cases of sun damage, skin pigmentation, and thread veins), as well as to alleviate dermatologic diseases such as acne and spots and wrinkles in the skin.3,11

EvenSkyn Pulsar Laser Hair Removal device for at home usage to remove unwanted hair from skin

IPL based hair removal treatments have proved their efficacy in multiple clinical studies. A 2009 study, which evaluated the hair removal rate after a second-generation IPL technology, highlighted that patients observed 75% hair reduction after 4 months, and up to 80% after 8 months (75% reduction indicates that a re-growth of 25% occurred after the treatment).

Home-use hair removal devices are increasingly gaining popularity and numerous IPL devices are now globally available for consumers. IPL devices are considered the best at-home hair removal machines and are extremely safe to use, provided the device is manufactured by a trusted and reliable brand. Newer devices such as the EVENSKYN PULSAR, which is one of the newest devices to gain FDA approval, incorporates a quartz tube that confers advantages in the IPL scattered light, longer product life and pain-free treatment.

The question now arises that whether one really needs to visit a clinic for hair removal treatments and what are the pros and cons of at home removal IPL treatment. The article will discuss these questions in detail.

Benefits of At Home IPL device:

  • Convenience of Usage: By using the Home use IPL device, you have the liberty of taking the treatment anytime, without worrying for any appointment. Home based IPL devices are portable, easy to carry and offer multiple flexible options. 

EVENSKYN PULSAR, a recently FDA approved device, is gaining popularity as it offers in excess of a half a million flashes, or over 20 years of use. The device also has a range of other functions including 8 levels of light intensity, offering treatments to sensitive areas, and option of an automatic mode, which helps in optimum utilization of light intensity and energy density.

White EvenSkyn Pulsar Home Use Laser IPL Hair Removal Handset

  • Cost benefits: A clinical based laser or an IPL treatment at clinic can cost somewhere between $300 per session to $600 per session and there can be as many as 10 sessions required for an effective hair removal treatment. In addition, there will be other travel related and administrative expenses as well. At home IPL devices are simple to use, utilize low power and offer you the flexibility of taking the treatment anytime at home.
  • Privacy: IPL treatment at home offers you the privacy to take the treatment at the places, which you might be embarrassed to disclose, while visiting a clinic. The situation can become more embarrassing when you are taking the treatment from the person of opposite gender or if you have too many hair on your body. At home IPL treatment relieves you of all such fears and embarrassments and no one needs to know what you are doing.
  • Safe Treatment: IPL treatment at home is very safe. IPL devices have time and again established their safety, through various clinical studies. A recent 2010 clinical study, comparing the safety profiles of multiple available IPL devices, highlighted that most available IPL devices are usually not complex and conform to the highest safety standards.

Hence, IPL devices can be considered as the best at-home hair removal machines, that are extremely safe to use, provided the device is manufactured by a trusted and reliable brand. The most important things you should consider, from safety aspect, while purchasing an IPL device, are that the device is FDA approved and conforms to all the safety standard set by the regulatory agencies. Also, make sure to purchase a device, by a quality-focused manufacturer. Purchasing a low quality cheaper device, can cause discoloration in the skin, blisters, scarring, pain as compared to a superior quality device, which will not have any of these side effects.

EvenSkyn Pulsar Laser Hair Removal Handset in Matte Black Finish (For Home Use)
  • Quick Home based Treatment: Home based IPL treatments, even at sensitive places, can take as low as 20 minutes, however, on the other hand, clinic based treatments can take hours, including the travel time, waiting time at clinic and the treatment time

Cons of At Home IPL device:

The only shortcoming for a home based IPL treatment is that, if not used on a proper skin tone and on recommended hair color, the treatment can be ineffective and can some side effects including irritation, crusting, burns, and discoloration at the treated areas.

To avoid such side effects, it is imperative that you read the instruction manual and the instructions carefully before and during the use. 

An effective IPL device, EVENSKYN PULSAR, which is one of the newest devices to gain FDA approval, in its manual, clearly lists the skin tones and hair tones, in the form of a color chart, that are suitable for IPL treatment. Refer to the charts below to see if your skin and hair tones is suitable for IPL treatment or not

Hair Color:


Skin Color: 


In conclusion, the Home based IPL device offers multiple benefits of convenience, cost, time saving etc. as compared to a clinic based treatments, however, users need to follow manual and usage instructions carefully to avoid any side effects and adverse issues.



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