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Effectiveness of Radiofrequency Therapy on Photodamaged and Sagging Skin

Effectiveness of Radiofrequency Therapy on Photodamaged and Sagging Skin

Do you enjoy getting a sun tan or spending a lot of time outside without caring to wear sunblock? You may have to rethink sun exposure as it can lead to premature aging and irreparable skin damage. 

Photodamage, aka sun damage, is inevitable as we have to step outside during the daytime. The cumulative impact of UV exposure can lead to a detrimental impact on the skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, aging skin, and sagging. 

We all age depending on internal and external factors. Photoaging due to UV exposure is an external factor that causes a change in skin genes and their expressions. Apart from protecting your exposed skin from the sun, you may try radiofrequency(RF) therapy to treat pre-existing sun damage. Keep reading to learn more about photodamage and RF effectiveness.

Understanding Photodamage in Skin

The sun’s rays are harsh and can cause more than just a tan or sunburn. Unprotected skin may develop different signs of photodamage over the years. 

When we step out in the sun, the skin is exposed to the harsh UVA and UVB rays. The UVA rays make up 95% of the sun’s rays, and the remaining 5% is UVB rays. UVA enters deep into the skin, causing damage and DNA change. Besides, the high-energy UVB rays are able to damage the outermost layer of skin, giving you a sunburn.

The long-term damage done by the sun over consecutive exposure is termed as photodamage. This leads to premature skin aging with signs such as pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. The DNA damage of the skin accompanied by aging signs is called photoaging. 

From a dermatological point of view, it causes the skin to look old, saggy, and wrinkly. However, from a health perspective, photoaging may also cause skin cancer and tumors.

Photodamage may occur in the dermis, leading to a change in collagen. It may affect the structure and elasticity of the skin. The impact of UV rays on the epidermis may turn into cancer when left untreated. Extreme UV exposure may cause all three types of damage together. 

Signs of photodamaged skin

Here are some signs to figure out if you have photoaged skin: 

  • Permanent darkening of skin on exposed areas
  • Deep wrinkles on the face
  • Facial discoloration and multiple freckles
  • Excessive skin texture
  • Liver spots
  • Loose and sagging skin
  • Visible blood vessels(broken capillary and spider veins)
  • Inflammation accompanied by redness and bumps
  • Loss of elasticity in the skin
  • Fragile skin that is more susceptible to bruising 

What Causes Skin Sagging?

Skin sagging is a natural phenomenon that causes the skin to lose elasticity, and it starts to droop. Sagging skin may occur due to aging, weight loss, photo aging, collagen deterioration, and lack of an active lifestyle. It may occur at any age; however, people above the age of 35-40 may see sagging skin. 

Due to aging and the breakdown of elastin and collagen(cross-linking), the firmness of the skin reduces. This lack of firmness may also be caused due to lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, and inadequate skin care. 

Areas primarily affected by sagging:

  • Eyelids
  • Neck
  • Jowls 
  • Chin 
  • Throat

Radiofrequency Therapy for Photodamaged Facial Rejuvenation

Radiofrequency treatment works using low-frequency electromagnetic waves that produce heat. This heat reaches the cells and tissues to generate new skin cells. As a result, it produces collagen and elastin in the skin. Both of these aid in reversing photodamage and lifting the sagging skin. 

In some mild wrinkle cases, RF treatment can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet and grooves around the eyes. It may also help in diminishing forehead wrinkles, saggy jowls, and chin. In just 4-8 treatments, you may start to see skin rejuvenating results. 

In a study of six individuals between 47 to 62 years of age with Fitzpatrick skin type III to IV and Glogau class I to II, wrinkles were given Radiofrequency treatment for three months. These wrinkles were due to photodamage in the skin. Prior to the treatment, photographs and skin biopsy were taken to compare later. 

Six sessions were done at 2-week intervals. After these sessions, an evaluation of total elastin and collagen types I and III was done. In addition, newly synthesized collagen was calculated with the help of computerized histometric and immunohistochemical techniques. 

The readings were taken at 3 and 6 months after the treatment. In addition to these readings, photographs were blindly scored. As per the results, there was a 75% improvement in skin tightness and a 70% improvement in skin texture. Overall, 95% of participants were satisfied with the results of the treatment. 

In another study, 86 patients were included in a blinded, multicenter trial. They were given the same radiofrequency treatment in the lateral canthal and forehead areas. The study concluded in favor of treatments with wrinkle reduction in 83% of patients. More than 50% noticed an improvement in the appearance of periorbital wrinkling. Furthermore, RF was able to give a non-surgical eyebrow lift of ≥0.5 mm in about 62% of patients.

At-Home Radiofrequency Therapy

Now that you know how effective RF therapy is for photodamage, aging and sagging skin, let’s dive into professional-grade at-home devices. When treating your skin, choosing an approved and tested device is critical to get the most benefits. We recommend using the EvenSkyn® Lumo, which is an FDA, Health Canada, CE, EMC, and RoHS-compliant RF device. 

It will be a great addition to your skincare as Lumo is a multi-functional 5-in-1 anti-aging device. The wand uses effective technologies such as Radiofrequency, EMS, and LED light therapy to stimulate collagen and tighten facial muscles. As a result, collagen production aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

With Lumo’s two-tier dermal heating system, it will efficiently heat the dermal layer. When you use the device consistently, it will promote collagen and elastin fibroblasts in the skin, giving you younger-looking skin and an even complexion.

How to use an RF device at home?

To use the device, follow these steps: 

  • Clean your skin and apply the conduction gel: Lumo comes with a conduction gel that contains the goodness of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to hydrate the skin while penetrating it.
  • Start the device by choosing from different settings: Using Lumo is super easy as you can adjust it from level 1 at 97V to level 5 at 118V. You may alternate between the modes as you prefer. The Lumo has 5 different modes (with 5 intensity levels); we recommend starting with the lowest settings and adjusting depending on your comfortability and tolerance. 

  • Different device modes: You may also choose from different device modes, including RF, ION, ENI & EMS. If you are a beginner, start the process from the lowest settings and then go up according to your comfort and needs. 

With a regular use of up to 15-20 minutes twice or thrice a week, you’ll notice a change in the appearance of fine lines and sagginess in the skin. 

Wrapping Up

Thanks to science, we have an effective solution to consecutive years of sun exposure and photodamage. With radiofrequency therapy, you may treat your photoaged and sagging skin. Radiofrequency will deliver energy to mitochondria, leading to more fibroblast activity and collagen formation.

The two most important things when using such treatments is to maintain consistency and be patient. Post-treatment changes in skin at the cellular level may be visible after a few weeks of treatment. Meanwhile, protect your skin from further sun damage by using sunblock, hats and scarves. 


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