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How Effective are at-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices?

How Effective are at-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices?

With an ever-increasing market for the reduction or removal of undesirable body or facial hair, methods like waxing, shaving, plucking, bleaching, threading, and using chemicals have become a thing. There is, however, a much more advanced and effective method -- that is through the use of laser or other light sources. What makes using laser for hair removal is that it will last a lot longer compared to the traditional methods.

Over the past years, professional hair removal clinics have gained quite a popularity. But due to that popularity, their services have become very expensive. In the search for a cheaper option, people have been looking into gadgets that could be a great alternative for those professional clinics. 

Are these at-home hair removal devices effective?

According to a recent study, there has been a significant improvement in hair reduction and removal, thanks to the help of these at-home devices. At-home devices that use intense pulsed light managed to show a 32% reduction in body hair after about 3 months, while devices that use heat showed a 43.5% reduction after 3 months. Devices that use lasers were able to show a 33% reduction in body and facial hair after a 12-month follow-up.

The results from the studies did show some promise but the effectiveness of these at-home devices will still depend on the person’s hair color, skin type, and whether or not the person has done any tanning under the sun. Lighter colors tend to absorb lesser light energy compared to darker ones. It's a reason why hair color could affect the effectiveness of laser hair removal devices. 

Are these at-home hair removal devices safe?

Clinical studies have been done to examine the safety of these at-home devices. Ultimately, the results yielded that, while there are no major side-effects to be worried about, there will be some minor ones to expect.

Some minor side-effects that one could expect includes:

  • Blistering,
  • Mild Tenderness
  • Mild Skin Swelling
  • Mild Redness
  • Folliculitis
  • Skin Dryness
  • Stinging
  • Minor Changes in Skin Color

There is also the possibility of damaging the eyes if not properly handled. Eyes exposed to intense light such as lasers could be at risk of developing cataracts, glaucoma, or even blindness. Eyes shields and other protective measures should always be in place before using at-home laser hair removal devices.

Since most at-home laser devices only use a fraction of the power that most professional clinics use, there is the possibility that hair may grow at an enhanced rate in some areas of the body, especially the ones surrounding the treated area.

The Final Analysis

In association with using at-home laser hair removal devices, there is no significant danger or injury that has been reported. Although these devices may be safe to use, it is always of great importance to use them properly by following their respective manual and as well as preparing protective equipment. 

It is also advisable that you consult a medical professional or dermatologist before you start using any at-home devices to make sure that your skin and hair can withstand the intense light and heat from the laser.

Evenskyn is a great place to check for at-home laser hair removal devices because they offer a wide variety of selection that works perfectly well with the different factors that affect the effectiveness of the hair removal treatment.


 Author: April Ann Q. 


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