How frequently can you use radiofrequency-based skin treatment devices or undergo RF treatment?

How frequently can you use radiofrequency-based skin treatment devices or undergo RF treatment?


Radiofrequency technology is quite popular nowadays and is fast emerging as an alternative non-surgical treatment for sunburn, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The treatment is most suitable for the people who fear or are not willing to undergo a surgical procedure. RF treatment best suits the people in the age group of 30-50 years. The procedure can be administered over any skin type and texture. 

The main purpose of RF technology based treatment is to make skin texture smooth and wrinkle-free by tightening the skin. Radiofrequency-based skin devices majorly treat fine lines on the skin, jawline, and under the eyes. Many people have undergone RF treatments and experienced improvement in their skin tone with very minimal side effects. Some other advantages of using RF technology for skin related treatments include very less recovery time and the low cost of the treatment, hence eliminating the need of any insurance to cover the expenses, unlike other skin related surgical procedures. 

Benefits of RF skin treatment

RF enhances the natural ability of the skin to produce elastin and collagen, and thus helps in maintaining the skin tone and offering a younger-looking skin appearance. During the RF treatment, the old damaged skin is replaced by the new skin. The procedure also lifts the skin and makes the loose skin tightened and firm. The procedure is specifically suitable for people who are not willing to undergo plastic surgery. The treatment is usually quick and has shown effective results in patients. The procedure is entirely painless and non invasive and is best suitable for patients with flabby, wrinkled, and loose skin. 

Several clinical studies, conducted in the past, have established conducted the usefulness of Radiofrequency related skin procedures. As per a 2015 study, 96% of the people taking RF based skin treatment, benefitted from the procedures and demonstrated significant results. According to another study in 2017, extremely effective skin tightening results were noticed in patients taking RF treatments, after 5-8 sittings of the treatment. (1,2)

In a 2018 study, performed on women of age 70 years to check the efficacy of RF treatment in reducing the wrinkles surrounding the eye, it was observed that wrinkles were reduced to a large extent with a requirement of having 3 sittings in 6 weeks. A 2017 study checked the effectiveness of RF based treatments for face slimming. The study recruited 14 middle-aged Asian women. The investigators noticed that after 5 weeks of RF treatment there was a 96% reduction of fat from the face of Asian women. Another study conducted in 2011, demonstrated that when an RF procedure was performed on a small group of sunburnt people, significant improvement in affected areas by sun damage was observed within 3 months of the treatment administration. (3,4)

Frequency of RF-based skin treatment

Radiofrequency treatments are fast acting treatments, and have lower recovery periods, due to their non-invasive nature. A single sitting is usually sufficient to bring out the best results in patients. However, for the long term and firmer effects, 4-6 sessions are mostly recommended by the physician, with a constant gap of 7-10 days between each session. (6) The frequency of treatment depends on the maintenance of the skin, type of skin, and daily lifestyle of the person. The frequency of the treatment also depends on the amount of the area treated, and on the expectations from the results from the treatment.

As the heat incorporates into the dermis, stimulation or a new synthesis of collagen takes place in the skin. The collagen production process is a slow process and might take some time, before the effects are clearly visible. The tightening effects, due to this delay, may take 3-6 months to come to the verge of being visible. (9)

The frequency of treatment sessions also vary for professional RF and home-based RF treatments. For professional RF treatments, approximately 6 sessions are required with 1-2 weeks apart. While for home-based Radiofrequency treatments, 2-4 sittings/month are required and the same goes for the maintenance. The professional RF required top-ups after 1-3 months but home-based RF requires 2-4 top-ups/ month. (8) 

The amount and extent of visible results after a single RF treatment will vary from one individual to another. It has been noted that some patients require multiple sessions to reach the desired effects, while some other can achieve the desired results soon. The full effect can be noticed only after 4 months of the procedure. (7)

The extent and effectiveness of results also depend on the type and brand of device used for Radiofrequency treatments. A new innovative device named EvenSkyn Lumo includes features such a photo rejuvenation, electrical muscle stimulation, and phototherapy beyond the main radiofrequency function and therefore, helps with skin tightening and anti-wrinkle/anti-aging processes. The device also comes with 5 modes including Photon, ION, ENI + Photon, EMS + Photon, Cool + Photon  which can be used for multiple skin rejuvenation purposes.

In the case of the Lumo, the recommended once-a-week time is just five minutes per session, allowing for at least seven days between sessions to allow for the collagen to regrow and remodel. This is given the fact that the Lumo offers clinical-grade 1Mhz of power and strong enough micro currents in the EMS mode, requiring enough downtime between sessions for recovery to happen and for results to start showing (which often happen as early as the first couple uses).


The frequency of RF treatment depends on the skin type, amount of area treated, expected results and the effectiveness of the device used during the treatment. The more the care happens after the treatment, the lesser is the need for follow up treatments, and greater is the efficacy. The number of sessions required by the patient is also recommended by the physician. However, the visits to a clinic for a RF treatment can be avoided nowadays, with the availability of effective radiofrequency home devices, which help to achieve the desired results and maintain the appealing effect of the radiofrequency treatment, sitting at home with minimal side effects.



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