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How Skincare Devices Using Electrical Micro-Currents, Radiofrequency or Ultrasound Can Help with The Absorption of Skincare Products?

How Skincare Devices Using Electrical Micro-Currents, Radiofrequency or Ultrasound Can Help with The Absorption of Skincare Products?

Using devices with electrical micro-currents or radiofrequency is now a trend. These devices enable us to help take care of our skin.

Having scars is an issue for several patients, and they want it to be eliminated. Laser treatments, filler substance implantation, chemical peeling, and a variety of additional treatments and procedures for treating scars have all been created.

Recent research has found that various radio frequency-based devices, when used alone, can considerably alleviate acne scarring.  There's also a novel way for reducing stretch marks and atrophic and hypertrophic scarring.

Sample Research on the Use of Radio Frequency-based Devices

According to a study of the International Journal of Dermatology 2016, a mixed sample of 14 patients (5 male and 9 female) with phototypes II-IV skin was chosen. Subjects had scars with varying severity, features, diameters, and locations.

Participants with scars who had received prior therapy in an effort to reduce them and those with with medical or behavioral problems that could compromise the interpretation of the data or compliance to the research were removed. All of the participants agreed to the trial's terms. The study was certified by FundacionAntoni de Gimbernat's ethics commission.

Scarring was caused by burns in 4 participants, surgical scarring in another 4, and other types of injuries in 6 participants, involving self-inflicted injuries. 6 therapy sessions were given to each participant at three-week intervals.

The treatments were carried out by the same doctor, who was not involved in the interpretation of the findings. Before the first therapy sessions, photos and biopsy of the scarring were collected, as well as six months following the last course of treatment.

The Legato device was used in this experiment. It contains a new increased unipolar RF technology that differs from previous models in terms of technical and functional qualities.

Photographs were seen on a computer monitor during the clinical exam. The pictures were captured with the same cameras, with the same setting, illumination, and position of the patients.

2 dermatologists were uninformed to the therapy and examined the scar images out of sequence, not realizing whether they have been repaired or otherwise. The trial went off without a hitch for all of the participants.

The Results

In the hours before every therapy session, various levels of edema and erythema were seen. Very fine scabs were seen in a few cases although they vanished after a few weeks. There have been no signs of hyperpigmentation or any other side effects.

The findings reinforce earlier research results by confirming the effectiveness of the approach in attenuating or decreasing scarring. It was discovered that severe scars can be treated successfully and without the risks associated with previous treatments.

Bottom Line

Based on some studies, the use of radio frequency-based devices in the treatment of scars is effective and very useful. These treatments use electrical micro currents that can help with the absorption of skincare products.

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