How To Avoid The Side Effects Of IPL & Laser Hair Removal

How To Avoid The Side Effects Of IPL & Laser Hair Removal

By Shannon Campbell

IPL & laser hair removal is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of hair removal for men and women across the globe. It’s fast, convenient, and more long-term than the majority of hair removal methods. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect - even the best cosmetic treatments have their drawbacks. IPL & laser hair removal has some side effects that can range from common and minor effects to rare but severe, and it’s important to know how to minimize any possible risk.

Keep reading for our advice on how best to avoid potential side effects of IPL & laser hair removal.

What Are The Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal?

First, let’s establish what the potential side effects of IPL & laser hair removal are. There are several, and they can be split into two types - common and uncommon side effects. 

Common Side Effects

  • Redness
  • Skin irritation
  • Pigmentation changes
  • Crusting

Uncommon Side Effects

  • Burns
  • Blisters
  • Scarring
  • Eye injury 
  • Skin infection

Though the rare side effects may sound extreme, it’s important to note that these are the rarest kinds. They are certainly not something you should expect from laser hair removal treatments and usually have specific and easily avoidable causes. Only redness, skin irritation, crusting, and pigmentation are usual, and even these are only minor short-term effects that can sometimes be avoided. 

Precautions And Prevention

Now we’re going to outline the best ways to avoid these side effects. This list is not exhaustive, but following each step will drastically reduce the possibility of experiencing these issues. 

Listen To Your Esthetician

If you are receiving laser hair removal at a clinic, you will almost definitely be given detailed advice on pre and post-treatment care. Not dissimilar to what you’re reading now. These guidelines are given to you for the express purpose of avoiding negative side effects. Make sure you pay attention and follow any instructions or advice your esthetician gives you.

A Qualified And Experienced Practitioner

This is the best advice we can give if you are seeking professional treatment. You should always make sure your beauty practitioner has qualifications, experience, and up-to-date equipment. Severe side effects like eye injuries and scarring are most often the result of incompetent practitioners with poor equipment. Do your research and make sure your esthetician has a good reputation with verifiable qualifications and experience.

Do Your Research

This applies to both clinical and self-administered treatment. Side effects such as burns, pigmentation changes, and scarring can sometimes occur because of your skin tone or hair color. If you are using at-home equipment, it’s essential that you confirm that it can be used safely on your skin. If you are going the traditional route, make sure your chosen clinic has equipment that will accommodate your skin and hair color. 

Sun Exposure and Tanning

Overexposure to ultraviolet rays (UV) after a laser hair removal session is always advised against. This includes regular sun exposure and tanning because both can risk exacerbating the effects of your treatment, resulting in burns and pigmentation changes.

Antibiotic Creams And Moisturizer

This is always recommended for post-treatment care. Damaged hair follicles can lead to infection, and can occur after any hair removal treatment. Using moisturizer and antibiotic creams daily for a week after treatment will soothe potentially irritated skin and combat any potential infections.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the above-mentioned side effects scare you away from considering IPL & laser hair removal. The procedure is FDA-approved and has been developed over decades of research and fine-tuning. Any severe side effects of hair removal are very rare and can be avoided. Minor side effects may be more common, but they are short-term and mostly inconsequential.

IPL & laser hair removal is a great option for people who want fast, effective, and long-term hair removal. Take a look at our EvenSkyn® Pulsar: At-Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, an IPL laser hair removal handset designed for all skin and hair types.



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