Microcurrent (EMS) facial At-Home devices and their efficacy in the context of face lifting & anti-aging

Microcurrent (EMS) facial At-Home devices and their efficacy in the context of face lifting & anti-aging

What is Microcurrent Therapy?

Microcurrent is a non-invasive electrotherapy technique that generates a low-voltage current that is the same as the natural electrical currents produced in a human body. These currents are mainly used to promote the tissue healing process. In damaged or unhealthy tissues this current is weak or absent. The Microcurrent technology stimulates the generation of energy to drive the elastin and collagen creation in the skin. This process can result in tighter and toned skin as it smoothens the connective tissues and facial muscles by boosting the cellular activity, hence giving a more "lifted" or enhanced facial appearance. 

Microcurrent is a painless procedure and it reduces wrinkles, typically around the forehead. The procedure has been prevalent for decades and many physical therapists have been using this treatment procedure since the 1970s for facial paralysis conditions, such as Bell’s palsy and pain relief. The procedure has proven to be very effective, safe, and well-targeted.1,2,3 

EvenSkyn Facial Skin Care

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Multiple studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of the Microcurrent technology usage. As per various scientific studies, conducted in the past, the Microcurrent Technology offers the following benefits:

  • Improves the contour of the face for a more sculpted look
  • Lift droopy eyelids and jowls
  • Erase and lessen the wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tighten and lift the jawlines and brow
  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness
  • Makes the skin smoother in tone and texture, and firmer 4

Available devices that use Microcurrent technology

There are multiple Microcurrent technology devices available in the market, and some of the popular devices are mentioned below:

    • NuFACE
      • NuFACE Facial Toning Device combines Microcurrent Technology and advanced proprietary engineering into an easy-to-use, safe, and hand-held facial toning device. The device gives an experience of exercise for the neck and face muscles with the use and assistance of Microcurrent Technology that works on senses. The NuFACE microcurrent therapy includes a hydrating Gel Primer that boosts optimal skin conductivity and offers additional moisturization benefits. 6,7
      • Combining the skin-tightening benefits of a facial massager and Microcurrent Technology, the NuFace device releases collagen, which in turn lessens the wrinkles and fine lines in the jawline, forehead, neck, and cheeks and hence, improves the appearance of the skin.8
    • Newa
      • NEWA is another home-use device for fighting against the signs of aging skincare.
      • This device is effective in the wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, and improvement in skin texture.9 NEWA offers focused Radiofrequency energy into the deep skin layers (dermis), promoting collagen production, for radiant, firmer, and younger-looking skin.10
    • Lumo
      • EvenSkyn’s Lumo is an ultra-premium professional-grade anti-aging beauty handset for home use that is loaded with cutting-edge technologies.
      • Noticeable results are experienced after every use and regular use of the device over successive weekly sessions results in the following outcomes:
        • Tightens sagging skin
        • Smoothens out fine lines
        • Rejuvenates aging skin
        • Significantly reduces wrinkles
        • Speeds up new-skin regeneration

Anti-wrinkles & fine line treating RF | EMS | Photo rejuvenations | Massaging handset / device

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Lumo is a state-of-the-art home-based device that comes with multiple set modes such as ion, Photon, ENI+ Photon, Cool+ Photon, EMS+ Photon for numerous skin problems. The Lumo device, due to its advanced technological outcomes, it effective and utilizes the following technologies:

  • Photo rejuvenation (Blue & Red LED Light) - Varying wavelength of lights speeds up the remodeling and regeneration of collagen. LED light therapy helps in the rejuvenation of aging skin. Blue phototherapy calms and soothes the skin. Red phototherapy enhances signs of anti-aging.
  • Radio frequency (RF) - The most powerful feature of the Lumo is the Radiofrequency waves that warm the dermis to 40 degrees Celsius and speed up skin renewal.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS/Micro Current) – Minute and specific quantities of micro-currents in the Electrical Muscle Stimulation mode helps to tighten up the skin by firming and stimulating the muscles of the face and neck.11

Lumo Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatment Handset Specifications

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Customer experience and research has thus far borne out the fact that devices such as the NuFace and Newa have proven to be beneficial for minor wrinkle reduction treatment. However, these devices fundamentally rely on, and leverage, the EMS micro current technology without incorporation any other cutting-edge anti-aging technologies also proven to work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For severe aging signs and to achieve maximal results, the combination of the Photorejuvenation (Blue & Red LED Light), Radiofrequency (RF), and EMS/Micro Current has been shown to be a more potent form of treatment given the combinatorial effects of the various technologies working seamlessly in tandem for more noticeable and quicker results. The Lumo handset by EvenSkyn which utilizes these 3 aforementioned technologies. Hence, with the generally more powerful effects of RF alone, and with the added benefit of EMS and Phototherapy, users of the Lumo device notice significant results such as reduction in wrinkles and fine lines in just 3 treatment cycles. 11,12


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