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Non-Surgical Methods That Will Help You Achieve the Best Summer Body Without Working Out

Non-Surgical Methods That Will Help You Achieve the Best Summer Body Without Working Out

The summer season is fast approaching, and many feel the pressure to get the summer body they desire. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the time to work out intensely to shed their excess body weight.

But don’t lose hope just yet. There are several non-surgical methods that might get you the summer body that you want just in time. Continue reading this article to find out what methods these are.

Summer Body: Non-Surgical Methods

Here are some of the non-surgical treatments that can help you shed fat without doing intense workout and dieting:

Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres Therapy is an FDA-approved treatment. The technology behind it targets and massages muscle tissues to remove trapped toxins.

This is an effective treatment for those who have cellulite-related problems because the micro-vibration helps reduce its appearance. This can be used for the body and the face.

Many of those who have tried this treatment have said that it is like working out without doing the heavy lifting. It is not painful, but you might feel applied pressure or a pulling sensation during the session. The results are also noticeable just after a few sessions.


As its name suggests, CoolSculpting targets fat and freezes it to give you a more appealing silhouette. It can be used in different areas such as the arms, bra fat, stomach, outer tights, and chin.

In a CoolSculpting session, a machine will freeze your fat at 12 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature kills ¼ of fat cells in the area. You will notice the full result of this treatment in 1 to 3 months.

Lumenis NuEra Tight

If you have lost some weight or are simply getting older, skin laxity might be an issue. In that case, the Lumenis NuEra Tight treatment might just be the non-surgical treatment that will get you the summer body that you want.

This treatment uses radiofrequency technology that delivers a quick and safe skin tightening pulse to the skin. The waves it uses are usually around 470 kHz which can effectively penetrate the superficial layer of the skin.

It can be used for loose skin on different parts of the body, such as the upper arm, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Other Essential Non-surgical Treatments to Get Your Summer Body

Getting the summer body of your dreams is not only getting physically fit. You also need to have your skin ready since you will be showing it off a lot during this season. In this case, you might want to invest in skin removal treatments such as IPL.

IPL, or also known as Intense Pulsed Light, is a non-invasive treatment that mostly deals with unwanted hair. Unlike other laser treatments, IPL uses scattered lights to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to kill hair cells without causing severe side effects.

IPL can be used in different parts of the body with unwanted hair. These are generally available in spas and aesthetic clinics. However, if you do not have the time to visit these establishments regularly, check out EvenSkyn. They have a high-quality IPL handset that you can use in the comforts of your own home.

Final Words

Thanks to modern technology, there are different ways for you to achieve the summer body of your dreams without doing an intense workout. These will significantly help you save time and effort. But, make sure to choose one that best fits your needs instead of following the trends done by popular celebrities.


 Author: April Ann Q. 


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