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Understanding Oscillating Microcurrent: Harnessing Bioelectric Signaling for Skin Rejuvenation

Understanding Oscillating Microcurrent: Harnessing Bioelectric Signaling for Skin Rejuvenation

The human body functions using bioelectric signals sent through neurons, cells, and tissues. The nano current passing through the body ensures the exchange of ions and nutrients. With this information, science has succeeded in developing skin rejuvenation techniques that work at the cellular level. 

Microcurrent therapy is one such advanced facial treatment that rejuvenates the skin from within. The use of microcurrent may reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin by inducing collagen and elastin formations. It may be one effective anti-aging treatment as the collagen in the skin reduces with age, needing a bit of external push. 

We'll discuss the relationship between oscillating microcurrent and bioelectricity for skin treatment. 

What is Microcurrent?

Current in itself may sound a bit scary and overwhelming; however, microcurrent is a very tiny amount of electricity voltage. Microcurrent on the skin is the application of current using devices with wands. It works by passing the current into the dermis and stimulating skin cells and muscles. 

As the muscles affect the tightness and firmness of the skin, their stimulation helps in treating saggy skin. Moreover, the stimulation of fibroblasts in the cells leads to collagen production.

Understanding Oscillating Microcurrent

Oscillating microcurrent, simply, is the rhythmic, continuous vibration with microcurrent. The constant application of microcurrent works in an oscillating motion with tiny pulses of electric current. These pulses mimic the body's natural bioelectric mechanism that ensures the optimum functioning of all organs. 

The lower voltage oscillating microcurrent stimulated the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the skin. ATP is responsible for the creation of new collagen while boosting fibroblast function in the skin. 

Relationship Between Bioelectric Signaling and Microcurrent

As discussed earlier, the human body works on electrical signals. Therefore, microcurrent impacts the skin at a cellular level. This is something surface-level skincare cannot achieve. 

The microcurrent used in therapy is similar to that generated during tissue healing in the body. Scientists have done studies to learn more about microcurrent therapy(MCT) to promote skin healing. 

In a study, ten patients with partial thickness burns on the skin were included and subjected to wireless microcurrent stimulation(WMCS). Ten healthy individuals were also included for comparison. After the therapy. A laser doppler was used to assess the results. 

As a result, the use of microcurrent can trigger the healing of the skin by signaling more blood flow and oxygen. The current led to the reduction of the zone of stasis in the skin tissue.

In another study, 30 patients were studied using 50-100 mA microcurrent on skin grafts. The current was applied using an anodal silver nylon dressing on the wound. After the continuous current treatment, the wounds healed in 4.6 days in comparison to 7.2 days without the application of microcurrent dressing on the wound. 

Microcurrent for Skin Rejuvenation

After understanding the efficacy of microcurrent in skin healing, it is applicable for skin rejuvenation at the cellular level. Some of the significant skin rejuvenation concerns are treating wrinkles, droopiness, fine lines, and aging spots.

To implement microcurrent use in skin rejuvenation, various studies were conducted. In a recent study, thirty women up to age 45 were subjected to microcurrent therapy. They all had visible wrinkles without any other skin conditions. 

The face areas, including the forehead, mouth, and nose, were given microcurrent therapy for twenty minutes for thirty sessions. After one month of treatment, the photos were taken to compare with older ones. Besides three independent reviewers were included to rate the wrinkles in these photos. 

Photos documenting the wrinkles and skin appearance were taken before the treatment to use for comparison later. The wrinkle appearance in the forehead region improved by 21.18% from 18.37%. This was reviewed right after and one month after the treatments. In the same review, the improvement in wrinkles in the nose and mouth region went from 5.85% to 7.61%. 

The clinical trial proves how microcurrent impacted different areas of the face. The forehead showed the best results, followed by the nose and mouth area. In addition, the impact of microcurrent on the skin remained even after one month of stopping the treatment. The patient self-assessed their skin, and over 70% of them were satisfied with the treatment. 

How to Use At-Home Microcurrent Device 

Many aestheticians and skincare clinics offer microcurrent therapy for facial rejuvenation. With the progress in at-home device development, microcurrent devices are available for on-the-go treatment without having to schedule appointments. 

You may choose from microcurrent wands tested for effectiveness on the skin. We suggest using the EvenSkyn Phoenix microcurrent therapy bar. It comes in a premium alloy construction with ergonomic handles for easy use. 

The bar has four alloy rollers placed at a 115° angle for maximum skin contact. You can use it daily for massaging your face and neck area to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The wand works on artificial or solar light, so you do not have to charge it or untangle any cords. 

After charging, it generates a current of 15 micro Ampere. You will not feel this current on the skin; however, within just four weeks of use, you may notice an improvement in the appearance. 

Talking about the safety of the product, you can rest assured that it is FDA-registered and approved by Health Canada, BSCI, and ISO 9001. The consistent use of the device may make your skin feel firmer and stimulate collagen formation in the dermis. 

Moreover, the action of rolling and massaging the skin will help absorb the skin care products better. The skin will have improved blood flow and circulation, resulting in an even-toned complexion. You may apply a gel on the skin for smooth gliding of the device. 

It will also hydrate the skin after treatment. Use the microcurrent bar for fifteen minutes to treat the neck area, jawline, brows, forehead, and nasolabial fold.  

Wrapping Up

Now, you are aware of how microcurrent therapy and bioelectricity work in the human skin. The impact of science-backed devices on the skin shows their effectiveness. Consistent use of such treatments may be the solution to sagging and aging skin. 

Combining microcurrent therapy with good skincare, lifestyle choices, and other suitable treatments will ensure your skin can recover and rejuvenate. When using such devices, make sure you follow the instructors and be patient with the results. Your skin will show improvement after regular use. 


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