The Science of Radiofrequency in Skin Tightening: Thermal Effects and Collagen Remodeling

The Science of Radiofrequency in Skin Tightening: Thermal Effects and Collagen Remodeling

Skin tightening and youthful appearance are determined by various factors such as genetics, gender, lifestyle habits, and ethnicity. Some of it is inevitable; however, you may delay it a few notches with effective treatments and consistent skincare. 

As we know, collagen is a protein that is a building block for your skin. It imparts firmness and tightness to the skin. With age, collagen in the skin reduces due to natural and external factors.

One effective way to combat aging signs is to support collagen production with Radiofrequency (RF) facials. The use of Radiofrequency devices may make your skin naturally produce more collagen, imparting more flexibility to the skin. It also eliminates the sagging appearance of the skin, making it look more youthful. Keep reading to learn the science behind RF and its benefits.

What is Radiofrequency Treatment for Skin?

Radiofrequency therapy or commonly called radiofrequency skin tightening, has become a popular non-invasive skin rejuvenation method. The procedure uses RF with thermal energy waves that heat deep dermal layers. As a result, the skin is subjected to micro tears or micro-injuries. This is when collagen production kicks in to repair the damage while improving the skin’s appearance and texture. 

If you have photoaging on your skin, RF treatment may show a significant improvement in diminishing the signs of aging. RF is deemed safe to use as it employs low-frequency electromagnetic waves (450 kilohertz) to create heat. This heat is bearable for the skin and causes no side effects. With collagen synthesis, the skin will regain its structure and flexibility, diminishing sagging and fine lines. 

Radiofrequency Thermal Energy for Skin Tightening Collagen Synthesis

In a clinical study, six participants with class I to II wrinkles were given RF treatment for 3 months. The treatment was done in 6 sessions at 2-week intervals. Before the experiment, skin biopsy and photographs were taken to compare at the end of the treatment. The same information was at 3 and 6 months during and after the sessions. 

A computerized quantitative evaluation was done to estimate the elastin, collagen types I and III, and newly synthesized collagen. Another method of calculation was immunohistochemical techniques. Additionally, an independent score of the blinded photographs kept in mind the wrinkle improvement.

As a result, RF showed a significant improvement in the noticeable wrinkles. Moreover, overall facial skin was rejuvenated. Compared to baseline information, there was an increase in collagen types I and III and newly synthesized collagen. 

In another clinical trial, 12 biopsies from six participants were studied to learn about the fibroblast activity with the activation of heat shock protein. With the help of the RF treatment and Masson trichrome staining, the type-I and type-III collagen fibers were increased. 

Another parameter of tissue thickness was observed to be high in these samples after RF treatment. This proves that RF effectively activates collagen and tightens the facial muscles. 

Lastly, the most concrete study was done with a sample size of 86 patients in a blinded, multicenter trial. They were given the same treatment in the lateral canthal and forehead areas. The study's results were astonishing, as 83% of patients claimed wrinkle reduction.

About 50% concluded there was an improvement in the appearance of periorbital wrinkling. Additionally, RF gave a non-surgical eyebrow lift of ≥0.5 mm in 62% of patients.

All About At-Home RF Treatment

Choosing an approved and tested device is critical to get the most benefits from RF treatment. EvenSkyn® Lumo is an FDA, Health Canada, CE, EMC, and RoHS-compliant RF device. Lumo is a multi-functional 5-in-1 anti-aging device. 

It uses technologies such as Radiofrequency, EMS, and LED light therapy to stimulate collagen and tighten facial muscles. Besides, collagen production aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

In addition, it has a two-tier dermal heating system that efficiently heats the dermal layer. With consistent use, the device will promote collagen and elastin fibroblasts in the skin, giving you younger-looking skin and an even complexion.

This device works on 1 Megahertz, and you may adjust it to violate, ranging from level 1 at 97V to level 5 at 118V. To use the device, clean your skin, apply the conduction gel, and start the device, picking from different settings. Lumo comes with a conduction gel that contains the goodness of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to hydrate the skin while penetrating the skin.

Alternate between the modes as you prefer. The Lumo has 5 different modes (with 5 intensity levels); we recommend starting with the lowest settings and adjusting depending on your comfortability and tolerance. 

You may also choose from different device modes, including RF, ION, ENI & EMS. For beginners, start the process from the lowest settings and then go up according to your comfort. With a regular age of up to 15-20 minutes twice or thrice a week, you’ll notice a change in the appearance of fine lines and sagginess in the skin. 

RF Facial Benefits

Here are some significant benefits of RF facial.

Non-Invasive Skin Treatment: RF is your best bet if you are looking for a pain-free and fuss-free facial. It’s an ideal choice to avoid any side effects and the long recovery time that often comes with surgical face lifts. The non-invasive feature of radiofrequency facial gets brownie points as it delivers similar results minus needles and stitches. 

Diminishing Wrinkles: Several clinical trials prove the efficacy of RF in diminishing fine lines and mild wrinkles. With more collagen and elastin in the skin after a few sessions, the skin looks plump with fewer wrinkles on the surface. 

Reduction in Sagging Skin: As RF works on the dermis, the muscles get toned, leading to tight skin. You may get rid of saggy facial skin after a few consistent sessions. 

Less Sun Damage Appearance: Sun damage may lead to spots on the skin and unevenness in complexion. Radiofrequency may reduce the sun damage signs with collagen production and quicker rejuvenation of the skin cells. 

Wrapping Up

Collagen is the structure that keeps your skin in shape. With the help of thermal energy, radiofrequency has the ability to produce more collagen and tighten saggy skin over time. You do not need to go under the knife to achieve flawless skin. 

A few sessions of RF massage will activate collagen production in the skin, resulting in younger-looking skin free from fine lines and wrinkles. Alongside, focus on a skincare regime that works for your skin type. 


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