Sagging Skin | Causes, Signs, and 4 ways to treat it

Sagging Skin | Causes, Signs, and 4 ways to treat it

Sagging Skin | Causes, Signs, and 4 ways to treat it 

Loose and saggy skin can account for a deflated self-esteem and lack of self-confidence when interacting with people in public.

Well, Why wouldn’t it!

In a world, where your looks matter a lot and where people judge you by the first glimpse they have of you. 

It is not wrong to say, your physical appearance plays a significant role in defining your character and making vital changes in your personal and professional life. 

Sagging skin is a condition in which your skin starts to loosen due to the deficiency of muscles underneath your skin. The effects of this disease are apparent on the upper arms, thighs, jawline, and stomach regions.

Although senior citizens are more likely to suffer from this disease. However, lack of a proper skincare routine and turning a deaf ear to the needs and requirements of well being of the skin can leave almost anyone liable to this disease.

Signs of Sagging Skin

Saggy skin can make our skin look tired, dull, and sad. Some of the clear symptoms that serve as red flags for skin affected by this condition include:

  • Wrinkle appearance on forehead and eyebrows
  • Flattening of cheeks
  • A wider Jawline
  • Facial contours which are not well defined

These indicators can have several negative consequences on your skin and can make you look older than you are.

Causes of Sagging Skin 

Several factors might be behind your declining skin health and weakening skin-related issues.

So let's explore the causes of this disease right away!


As you start to come of age, two important proteins namely Collagen and Elastin, that are linked to the fitness and firmness of your skin start to decrease in the count.

These proteins are associated with the elasticity and tautness properties of your skin and their declined production can leave your skin vulnerable to sagginess-related problems.

Apart from genetic aging, which you simply cannot control, some of the other factors that contribute to the deterioration of these proteins include:

  • Excessive Sunlight exposure
  • Poor dieting habits
  • Pollutants present in the atmosphere
  • Not taking proper care of your skin

All these elements lead to the premature aging of your skin and leave behind defective skin which does not retain its flexibility features.

Weight Loss

The addition of extra weight for an extended period can also cause the collagen and elastin levels to reduce as well.

Usually, rapid weight loss such as in the case of bariatric surgery can lead to damage of significantly greater numbers of collagen and elastin protein cells, which can result in increased skin drooping characteristics in the body.

The restoration properties of your skin decide the amount of impact these weight losses have on the sagginess of your skin. Usually, the younger you are, the better the healing properties.


It is common for women to acquire some sort of saggy and loose skin around the abdomen after pregnancy. 

The sudden reduction of weight gives rise to a massive reduction of skin volume, which includes narrowing the fatty layer beneath their skin and expanding the ligaments.

The reviving capabilities of their skin determine the amount of loose skin formed. Maternal age also matters a lot in this case. 


Some ailments are specifically associated with the placidness of your skin. These include the cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, referred to as granulomatous slack skin, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

The former is linked to sagging skin around the elbow and knees while the latter is inherited and constitutes a connective tissue disorder.


While cosmetic surgeries could be one way to get rid of this menace, however, one should always take necessary measures in advance to avoid facing this condition in the first place.

As you might have heard the popular phrase “Prevention is better than cure”. So let us take a look at some possible remedies that can help us avoid this situation.


One way to make up for the loss of muscles in your body is to perform regular exercises daily. These may range from normal facial exercises to ones that significantly impact the overall robustness of the body.

The everyday workout can help eliminate additional fat from your body, which otherwise is known for reducing the shrinking capabilities of your skin.


Massage can assist in soothing the narrowed blood vessels that cause sagginess to the skin. The expansion of these vessels helps improve the blood flow and ultimately evokes an anti-aging response.

A salt or sugar scrub alongside the massage is deemed essential to enhance its benefactor effects.

Topical treatments

If it’s the smooth and sturdy skin that you are after. One of your best bets would be the use of firming creams, serums, and lotions that consist of retinoids and Hyaluronic acid.

Retinoids are derivatives of vitamins A and increase the maturation of proliferation of your skin. Similarly, Hyaluronic is also advantageous for your skin cells and diminishes the roughness of skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles.

It is suggested that skincare products with the presence of Lanolin be prevented from use to abstain from facing any undesirable allergic skin reactions.

Lifestyle changes

Developing a healthy lifestyle can serve as one of the best possible means to ensure the presence of stiff, firm, and optimal skin 

Some of the fundamental guidelines for a healthy skincare routine and evading any type of saggy and loose skin-related issues include:

  • Keeping yourself hydrated
  • Steering clear from any type of activities harmful to the skin such as smoking.
  • Eating a nutritious diet that is favorable for skin health, amino acids (lysine and proline), vitamin C, and Omega-3 fatty acids-containing products are proven for their skin betterment.
  • Avoiding unnecessary sun exposure, utilize sunscreens when heading out for the day. 


Although not regarded as one of the lethal conditions, Saggy and unhealthy skin can surely have their psychological effects, which might leave you liable to an inferiority complex.

So it is advised to go through the mentioned steps elaborately, refrain from anything that leaves your skin condition in a perilous state and try to adopt as many of the above-stated techniques as possible for attaining flawless skin. 

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