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The Science of High-Frequency Facial Devices: Electrotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation

The Science of High-Frequency Facial Devices: Electrotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation

Skin regeneration is a cellular process. Creams and serums may care for surface-level skin health; however, you may need something advanced for cellular repair. We know that aging and other factors affect skin health and collagen production. Due to this, investing in suitable skin care treatments is the way to achieve a youthful appearance. 

Some of the advanced facial treatments include high-frequency facials, microcurrent therapy, and LED therapy. The science behind skin treatments will let you know their effectiveness and how they work at a cellular level. 

Moreover, it will help you decide to pick the right one for your goals and skin type. Keep reading to learn more about electrotherapy and high-frequency devices. 

What are High-Frequency Facial Devices?

High-frequency (HF) facials treat the skin with electric waves and thermal energy. It can target wrinkles, fine lines, aging spots, large pores, and acne. HF devices use an electrode to pass ultrasonic waves through the skin. This high-frequency energy reaches the muscles, producing collagen and elastin in the dermal layers.

Some devices may combine ultrasonic waves with thermal energy. As a result, this natural thermal tissue warming also brings blood circulation to the tissue and ensures skin brightening. 

Combining microcurrent and positive ion technology may help draw dirt and grime from the pores. In addition, the increased blood flow removes toxins from the blood vessels. Another benefit is the skin's plumpness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The increased skin volume will give you a youthful appearance.

High frequency also works on acne and wounds by promoting skin healing. This gentle electrotherapy is ideal for any skin, restoring health and glow.

Science Behind High-Frequency Electrotherapy 

Scientists have used high-frequency ultrasound to determine normal skin and the effect of aging due to various factors. This can also be useful in diagnosing skin diseases and assigning the correct treatment. 

A recent study used high-frequency ultrasound to determine the dermal and epidermal thickness in healthy adult skin. One hundred eighteen participants were assessed using ultrasonic frequency at 8 different sites. These included the nasal dorsum, zygoma, temple, glabella, forehead, eyelid, submandibular, and neck. They studied the relationship between an individual's epidermal thickness, age, and BMI. The results showed a decrease in skin thickness in women with an increase in age. This decrease was seen primarily on the forehead, glabella, submandibular, and zygoma. 

In another study, ultrasound energy and parallel beams are helpful for skin rejuvenation, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. A high-intensity ultrasound works by inducing microthermal injuries in the dermis. This leads to remodeling and tissue coagulation for internal skin rejuvenation. 

To learn about the efficacy, a study was conducted with sixty participants. The mean age of these participants was 58 with Fitzpatrick skin Types I to VI. After twelve weeks, their neck and faces were observed for wrinkles on the face and neck after ultrasound therapy. 

This twelve-week follow-up was done with two blinded reviewers who observed a significant improvement in 86% of subjects in the 3 Fitzpatrick Wrinkle and Elastosis Scale. Overall, there was about 88% improvement in the subjects. Participants noted no adverse effects of the treatment. About 72% of people were satisfied with the results and saw an improvement in the appearance. 

Significant Benefits of High Frequency for Facial Rejuvenation

Here are some notable ways consistent ultrasonic treatments may help you with:

  • Remove excessive sebum, oil, and dirt from the pores, leaving the skin clean and blackhead-free.
  • Dead skin exfoliation without causing any skin irritation and redness.
  • Encouraging skin collagen formation for regeneration and improvement in appearance.
  • Promote elastin production to improve the elasticity of the skin.
  • Triggering lymphatic drainage to remove puffiness around the eyes and cheeks.
  • Stimulating blood flow in the skin for added radiance
  • Add a plumping effect to the skin by bringing internal hydration to the skin
  • Allowing skin care products to deeply penetrate the skin for a better effect
  • Fade scars and age spots by delivering positive ions deep inside the skin.

At-Home Ultrasonic Frequency Treatment

A few years back, dermatologists and aestheticians could only do such advanced treatments at professional spas. With an upgrade in the availability of professional-grade devices, you can achieve spa-looking flawless skin at home. Try the EvenSkyn Cosmo ultrasonic facial cleanser that deeply cleans your skin, leaving it healthy and radiant. 

The wand works at a frequency of 24,000 Hz per second. It has a gentle scrubbing and exfoliating action that helps to remove the accumulated dead skin, blackheads, and dirt in the pores. Moreover, the device has blue light therapy to remove acne-causing bacteria from the surface. 

Its 24,000 Hz per second vibrations gently scrub and exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and blackheads without causing any discomfort. Meanwhile, the Blue Light(465±3 nm) Therapy feature helps kill acne-causing bacteria for clearer skin. You may achieve healthy and glowing skin with regular use of the Cosmo wand, alternating between the three modes.  

It comes with three modes— clean, ultra, and nutrition. The clean mode is for daily cleanup of the skin. Ultra mode will remove dirt, blackhead, and whitehead buildup from the skin. Lastly, the nutrition mode adds more moisture and activates the skin by deeply massaging the surface. 

The device is waterproof and cordless for convenient use. It is certified by Health Canada, CE, and RoHS, so you can be assured it's safe for daily use. 

The frequency may sound too high! However, it is gentle on the skin, along with soothing microcurrent pulse technology. The treatment is painless as it works at a cellular level and is least noticeable. On a cellular level, it is able to boost collagen in the skin, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Another notable feature of Cosmo is the positive ion technology that removes dirt and cleanses the skin. Moreover, it breaks down keratin and improves skin cell metabolism and collagen production. Overall, it is one all-rounder device you must add to your skincare regime for flawless-looking skin from within. 


Skin rejuvenation is a natural process that keeps your skin looking healthy. However, you may wish to support this process for even better-looking skin. As aging and external factors may wreak havoc on your skin health, it's wise to acknowledge how technology can come to your rescue. 

Using high-frequency electrotherapy devices for rejuvenating your skin may help you achieve more youthful skin. Combined with microcurrent, radiofrequency, and the right skincare ingredients, ultrasonic technology will retain your skin's glow while preserving the youth. 


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