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Understanding Skin Epigenetics for Accelerating Rejuvenation: Approaching with Microcurrent Treatment Modality

Understanding Skin Epigenetics for Accelerating Rejuvenation: Approaching with Microcurrent Treatment Modality

Everyone has a different skin type, depending on genetics, ethnicity, and lifestyle. The internal health of the skin determines different characteristics, such as pigmentation, texture, and elasticity.

In addition, our environment also has a massive effect on the health and appearance of the skin. As a result, it plays a role in the natural chronological aging process. This is called epigenetics. The combination of internal and external factors shows how everyone ages differently.

Understanding skin epigenetics may be a key to accelerating cell rejuvenation. Keep reading to know more about skin epigenetics and how microcurrent treatment may help fight aging

Influence of Skin Epigenetics on Aging

As discussed above, skin aging depends on intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The internal factors impact aging and how cells, tissues, molecules, and muscles communicate with each other. 

On the flip side, external factors like sun exposure, lifestyle habits, pollution, inactivity, and lack of a good diet add to the intrinsic factors and are called epigenetic factors.

External epigenetics factors have the ability to modify the skin DNA from the outside. Internal factors may predict preliminary aging; however, the epigenetic aka external factors will largely determine 

This is why lifestyle and environmental factors play a huge role in aging. They can activate various genetic codes within our body, triggering early cell aging and delaying the repair process. 

One way to combat the impact of epigenetic factors is to protect the skin with the right measures and eliminate harmful agents. This will work in conjunction with the natural reparative process of the skin, preventing premature aging and even reversing it.

How can information on epigenetics be used to fight aging?

We may not be able to change the genetic factors; however, it's possible to alter the epigenetic factors responsible for aging. Epigenetics causes changes in DNA by methylation, non-coding RNA (ncRNA) regulation, histone modification, chromatin remodeling, and RNA modification. 

If we are able to prevent these DNA changes, we'll prevent or delay aging with the right interventions. Many therapies, such as microcurrent and LED, are studied and proven to be useful in eliminating the aging causing DNA changes. 

The manipulation of cells, tissues, and muscles can release genes and mitochondrial support to fight aging. Needless to say, such interventions aid in improving the quality and life span of the cells. 

The therapies that have cellular impact can easily reprogram the impact of epigenetic factors on the skin. This may help in reversing aging signs while also encouraging a healthy lifestyle to support such interventions.

Fortunately, epigenetics has a reversible mechanism when altering the DNA sequence genome. When it comes to skin cells and senescence, these same epigenetic mechanisms regulate regeneration and homeostasis. 

This creates a delicate balance where old cells are repaired or replenished with new cells. Although when cell repair and collagen formation are slowed down because of aging and other factors, epigenetics may do long-term damage. So, to deal with this ongoing damage, we may use microcurrent therapy for skin rejuvenation.

When there is a lack of collagen formation, the skin may appear loose and saggy, showing early signs of aging; the genetic and epigenetic turnover of collagen fiber depends on the present conditions. Looking at collagen formation from this point of view may help in devising the correct rejuvenation plans. 

Microcurrent Treatment for Skin rejuvenation

Microcurrent is known to offer deep-kneading massage to the muscles and trigger collagen formation. Collagen is the protein that adds structure to the skin. The collagen fibers form a cellular matrix, giving the skin tightness and strength. 

In a recent study, women with visible wrinkles were studied to know about the effect of micro-current. Their photographs were taken before the trial to have evidence for comparison. The participants were given microcurrent treatment on the face areas for twenty minutes. 

This was done for 30 consecutive sessions. After the treatment, their faces were photographed again. Another set of photos were taken one month after the trial. 

Blind reviewers were appointed to look at the photos. According to them, there was an improvement of 21.18% in forehead wrinkles and a 5.85% improvement in nose and mouth wrinkles. The participants were also asked to provide self-assessment scores.

Over 70% of women were satisfied with the treatment and said their skin looked and felt better. We can conclude that consistent use of microcurrent may help in diminishing mild wrinkles and toning the skin. 

Benefits of microcurrent therapy 

Here are some major skin rejuvenation benefits of microcurrent therapy:

Collagen and elastin production

Microcurrent therapy may stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. These are two essential proteins responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. We are aware that the natural production of these proteins decreases, leading to sagging and wrinkling. By supporting collagen and elastin production, microcurrent therapy may aid in restoring the skin's structural integrity.

Non-Invasive and painless

Unlike many other skin rejuvenation techniques, microcurrent therapy is pain-free and non-invasive. It doesn't require surgery, needles, or harsh chemicals. As a result, it’s great for individuals who seek a safer and more gentle approach to skin care. Moreover, it is suitable for various skin types and can be used on various areas of the face and body.

Skin lifting effect

One of the most crucial benefits of microcurrent tools is their natural lifting effect. Microcurrent devices generate low-level electrical currents that penetrate deep into the skin's surface. So you may not feel the current, but it will target the facial muscles. As these microcurrents stimulate the muscles, they contract and relax, which in turn tones and firms the skin. 

Over time, with consistent use, individuals may notice a visible improvement in facial contours, achieving a more lifted and contoured appearance. This natural "facial workout" can help counteract the effects of gravity and aging, resulting in a youthful and rejuvenated look.

Increased blood flow

Microcurrent therapy also plays a significant role in enhancing blood circulation beneath the skin's surface. Improved blood flow is essential for overall skin health, as it ensures better nutrient and oxygen delivery to the skin cells. This increased supply of essential elements promotes cellular rejuvenation and supports the skin's natural regenerative processes. 

As a result, the skin may appear more vibrant and healthier, with a radiant glow that seems to emanate from within. This improved blood flow not only helps with the appearance of the skin but also contributes to a more youthful complexion.

Muscle Toning

Microcurrent therapy may help to tone facial muscles. When used around the jawline and cheekbone, it may make it look slimmer and sharper. The oscillating motion of the tool can trigger the muscle groups, stimulating them to contract and relax. 

As a result, the skin will look toned with tight muscles underneath. You may see a change in appearance and firmness if your skin is saggy. 

Using At-Home Microcurrent Tools

Skin epigenetics can be counteracted with the use of microcurrent therapy. By stimulating collagen and fibroblast activity, microcurrent therapy will rejuvenate the skin. Moreover, it may lead to quicker wound healing as it mimics the body's bioelectricity. Studies have also shown microcurrent to diminish fine lines and droopy skin. 

To do a microcurrent facial at home, we recommend using the EvenSkyn Phoenix Face Lifting Microcurrent Bar. An at-home treatment is better as it will save you time and prove to be more economical. In addition, it will give you professional results without visiting a spa. 

The Phoenix lifting role is constructed from durable alloy material with four deep-kneading massaging rollers. These rollers deliver a 15 uA current using solar/artificial light. You can massage the neck and skin with this roller to stimulate blood circulation and collagen in the skin. With consistent use, you may notice lifted, firm skin with minimal texture.

To use the four uni-directional rollers, apply a conduction gel to glide easily across the clean face and neck. You may use the wand on the forehead, jawline, cheeks, neck, and eyebrow areas. 

Wrapping Up

Skin aging is complex as it depends on multiple factors. The added potential of epigenetics on intrinsic aging factors is the ultimate deciding factor in how your skin will look down the line. 

The skin has over 15,000 genes, aka skin codes, responsible for renewing, rejuvenating, and repairing the cells. Epigenetic factors are responsible for wreaking havoc on these code programs. As a result, the cell is not able to perform any function that is coded in its DNA. 

One way to deal with this reversible process is to limit exposure to epigenetic factors. In addition, use microcurrent therapy for skin rejuvenation. With regular use, you may expect glowing and healthy skin. As per the studies, it has the potential to diminish wrinkles and fine lines while also increasing tightness. 


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