What to look for in a at-home IPL / Laser Hair Removal handset

What to look for in a at-home IPL / Laser Hair Removal handset

What to look for in a Laser hair removal handset

If you are planning to purchase an IPL Laser hair removal handset, here are a few useful tips to consider before you shortlist the brand.

  • The number of flashes: You can look for the number of flashes a product is offering. Each IPL machine comes with a set number of flashes it can provide. This will help you assess for how long will that product last. Roughly, the approximate number of pulses required to treat the following body areas once are:
    • upper lip - 25 pulses
    • underarm - 100 pulses
    • bikini line - 200 pulses
    • upper leg - 600 pulses
    • lower leg - 600 pulses
IPL devices give long-lasting results, but treatments need to be repeated over time to see permanent hair removal. You should keep in mind that the more flashes the device has, the higher its price will be.
  • Window size: The application window of an IPL device is the glass surface that will come in contact with the skin during the procedure. The wider the window is, the larger the area it is going to cover. You should choose the device based on the body parts you want to treat. 
    • For treating the face, armpits, or bikini area, a device with a small window between 2 and 3 cm² will also work.
    • For treating larger areas, such as legs, back, torso, you would need a device with a wider window between 4 to 7cm². This will allow a fast and effective treatment session. 
    • Some devices come with several window sizes, allowing you to change the window depending on the body area you are treating.
A machine with an appropriate window size will let you treat the area quickly.
    At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal Device: EvenSkyn Pulsar IPL Handset
    • Operational power (in Watts): The more power the machines use, the more effective they are. If the power is lower, then the treatment will take longer. A device with 2000 Watts or higher would be a good choice.
    • Energy per Flash: The energy per flash of pulsed light epilators is expressed as Joules. This varies between 3 joules per cm² to 9 joules per cm². You need to identify your skin type to choose the right energy for you.
      • For thin and sensitive skin, a device with lower power (between 3 and 6 joules per cm²) would work.
      • For hard skin or one which is not sensitive and can withstand some amount of intense light energy, a more powerful IPL device would be preferred.
    • Power - Mains or battery-powered: An IPL machine can either be mains-powered, battery-powered, or have both power modes.
      • A mains-powered device offers high and constant power. However, a battery-powered device can sometimes not provide consistent power once the battery has been used for some time.
      • The wire in the mains-powered devices can be annoying at times. Especially, when treating sensitive areas (underarms or bikini areas). 
    • Warranty: A machine with a manufacturer’s warranty would mean that you do not have to worry about any manufacturing defects that you come across in that period covered by the warranty. You can probably check this for each of the products you are considering and choose the one with the longest warranty. EvenSkyn’s, at-home IPL machine, the Pulsar is one of the best IPL Laser hair removal devices in the market currently. The Pulsar comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Device shape: A device with a compact design makes it easy to reach the difficult to access areas (bikini areas or the curves of the armpits). 
    • Variable settings to work on different skin tones and body parts: You should choose a device that works on your skin and hair tone. It should allow you to adjust energy levels depending upon the type of skin you have and also the body area that you are treating. Bikini line hairs tend to be thicker than the hairs on the arms or legs.
    EvenSkyn Pulsar: Home Use Hair Removal Handset for everyday use

    • Safe and effective:  Try to read the customer reviews and ratings before you buy the device. The more the number of (positive) reviews means the more the number of people who trusted it, bought it, and are happy with it. 

      The safety and efficacy of IPL devices has been established via various clinical trials. For instance, in a multicenter clinical study, 34 individuals showed no long-term complications after receiving three sessions of at-home IPL hair removal treatment. In another study, all 20 users showed a positive clinical response to self-administered IPL treatment at-home, with reduction of unwanted hair. Hair counts were observed to be reduced from approximately 38% to 54%, 6 months after the last of the three treatments.
    • Appropriate accessories: The IPL device should provide you the necessary accessories in the kit. Especially the eye goggles that you would need to cover your eyes with to protect them from the Laser light pulses.
    • Original Product: Try to order your device from a trusted website or store so the device is original. Sometimes, a product may look original from the outside but if not purchased through a proper channel it may contain duplicate parts inside.
    • The price: The price is an important factor to consider, but you must remember that an entry-level IPL device may not have the same features or qualities as that of a high-end IPL device. However, it is also not necessary that the best device for you is the most expensive one. 


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