Cost of Laser Hair Removal: Cosmetic Clinic vs At-Home

Cost of Laser Hair Removal: Cosmetic Clinic vs At-Home


Professional Laser treatment

Professional Laser tends to be more expensive than IPL treatment at home.

  • It is mainly because it is offered by aesthetic clinics that employ medical staff for administering the procedure.
  • Even the machinery used for Laser at a clinic tends to be more expensive than IPL handheld Laser hair removal machines.

Factors influencing the cost of professional Laser treatment

  • The cost of Laser would depend not only on the area of skin you are treating, or how much hairs are you looking to remove but also on where you live and any local/ national deals, who is performing the treatment.
  • Although, professional treatments such as  Laser hair removal at a clinic cost relatively lesser than what it was a decade ago, because of more competition in the field currently, it is still expensive. The competition coming from Laser home devices that are filling the market has led to saturation, due to which Laser clinics are now offering deals off packages and coupons to attract customers. Nevertheless, it is still way more expensive when compared to getting similar benefits from an IPL device at a much lesser cost, especially which can be used by the customer without any special training or expertise, in the comfort of their own homes.
  • According to 2017 statistics by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of one Laser hair removal session is $293 at a clinic. Most people would require multiple sessions for a body part so they will need to work out the overall cost of their Laser treatment in advance with their doctor, based on how many sessions they would need. The larger the area, the more the number of sessions you would need and the cost of treatment would go up proportionally. Since Laser hair removal is considered a cosmetic procedure, health insurance is unlikely to cover it for you.
  • When you go for a Laser treatment at a clinic, there are chances of hair regrowth after some time and you would then need to go back to the clinic for a top-up treatment. Hence, if you plan a Laser hair removal treatment for yourself at your nearest clinic, do not forget to consider the additional costs you might have to incur later on.

EvenSkyn Pulsar: At Home Laser Hair Removal Solution

The relative cost of an IPL Laser device over professional Laser treatment and why you should go for it!

It is interesting to note, however, that you can own an IPL hair removal device for approximately $300 – which is almost the same cost that you have to incur for 1 Laser hair removal treatment session at a clinic based on the data by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (2017). If you choose an at-home IPL Laser device instead of getting a Laser hair removal treatment, then you will have it handy always. It would not add any additional costs to your one-time investment, would be hassle-free, pain-free and you would be able to do it yourself too!

Now, if you happen to choose a professional Laser treatment at a clinic, you can either go back to your doctor later on for the cost of a single session, or you can own a home-use device at approximately the same costs for all your future zapping needs without worrying for more out of pocket expenses. Evenskyn’s at-home IPL Laser hair removal device, the Pulsar, is one of the best at-home IPL hair removal devices in its price range and also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

EvenSkyn Pulsar Box: The Affordable At Home Solution for Permanent Hair Removal - Better than visiting a laser hair clinic!


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