Why Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Is the Best At-Home Permanent Hair Removal Solution

Why Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Is the Best At-Home Permanent Hair Removal Solution


Are you looking for the best at-home permanent hair removal solutions? IPL devices might just be the solution.

The Pulsar IPL removes and prevents hair regrowth painlessly. It’s customer-effective since it saves you on the constant trips to hair removal cosmetic clinics that, over time, are costly. In addition to being painless, the handset does not induce exaggerated body sensitivity but evokes a warm and soothing sensation.

In this article, you will understand why it's the best at-home permanent hair removal solution.

How Does IPL Work?

As the name goes, the handset utilizes the latest IPL technology to remove hair and rejuvenate skin: two buttons, when pressed and held together for two seconds, switch from hair removal mode to skin rejuvenation.

It has intensity ranges from 7.82 Joules/cm2, which is level one, to 15.31 Joules/cm2, which is an 8th level. The eight different intensity levels allow for adjustments as desired. The lower intensity is advised for darker skin tones, whereas higher power for lighter hair and skin tones. The handset is not effective on light blonde, red, white, or grey hair colors and dark brown or darker skin tones.

IPL Device Lifespan

The IPL has quartz tubes that give the handset a 10+ years usage life, equating to 500,000 flashes.

The handset comes in manual and automatic modes, with the auto mode being three times faster. Larger surface areas such as legs are better used with the device in auto mode although this would require prior shaving. The handset is usable on any body part but not recommended on areas around the eyes.

Best Results

For effective results noticeable in 8 weeks, six sessions of treatment are recommended. Starting at a suitable intensity level, hair fall can be seen by the second session. By the third and fourth sessions, hair growth stops. Although some changes can still happen, for example, the hair becoming thinner and taking longer to grow, that will resolve with time. Treatments should be continued until the target is hair-free.

Safety Measures

IPL has an effective cooling system, which means that the handset has been designed for safety, healthy measures, durability, and stability in light wavelength. For this reason, precisely the right amount of IPL energy is delivered to the hair follicles.

The IPL applies gentle pulses of light to the hair root; melanin helps absorb this light, so people with darker hair are advised to use low-intensity levels. The light stimulates the hair follicle to go into the resting phase making the hair fall out, and hair growth ceases with time. Higher light intensities stimulate collagen and elastic fiber regeneration. In addition to its photothermic effect, which improves blood vessel function, the overall results include well-rejuvenated and wrinkle-free skin.


IPL has been certified as a safe product for safety and optimal health by reputable institutions such as FDA, Health Canada, CE, EMC, RoHS, CQC, and PES compliant. In addition to that, every device comes with safety glasses as a precautionary measure.

One of the most recommended Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is by EvenSkyn. It is a hair removal appliance customers can use in the comfort of their homes. The hair removal handset is available in pink, white, and black with five stars rating; the product speaks for itself.


 Author: April Ann Q. 




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