How wrinkles can be treated & resolved by heat stimulating collagen

How wrinkles can be treated & resolved by heat stimulating collagen


Collagen is the most common body protein, which makes the skin firm and gives a youthful appearance to  the skin. As a person gets old, the body cells get weak and thus, generate less collagen, which ultimately results in wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Multiple novel techniques such as the Radiofrequency based treatments are gaining popularity for collagen stimulation leading to wrinkle free and beautiful skin. 

Radiofrequency therapy is a non-surgical technique for wrinkle treatment and tightening of loose skin. Since 2001, RF technology has been used to fight against aging signs and sagging skin. The RF technology heats the dermis (deep layer of the skin) by using energy waves. This heat generation leads to collagen production in the targeted area. Collagen production through RF technology leads to a domino effect, further stimulating the production, leading to the youthful appearance of the skin for a longer time.1,2

How Radiofrequency (RF) Collagen Stimulation Works

Radiofrequency is a very commonly used procedure, for skin laxity treatment. This therapeutic modality generates a controlled and selective increase in the temperature of the tissues because of a high-frequency alternating current ranging from 0.3 to 10 MHz. The depth of heat applied and temperature rise depend on the impedance of biological tissues and specific energy levels used. The main aim is to induce thermal tissue damage to stimulate modifications in the collagen conformity and therefore, begin the process of neocollagenesis in the dermis and related subcutaneous tissue.3

The first monopolar RF device was approved in 2002 by the US FDA for the treatment of facial wrinkles. Since then, several cutting-edge RF technology-based multipolar, bipolar, and fractional devices have been developed with many more safety features to deliver anti-ageing treatments.4 One such advanced RF-based ultra-modern device is Evenskyn’s Lumo. The device, based on the evolving innovations in RF treatments, is an effective and easy-to-use treatment option for in-home RF based anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction. The Evenskyn’s Lumo generates Radiofrequency waves that warm the dermis to 40 degrees Celsius and speed up skin renewal process. The device works on 5 different modes, as per the requirement of the users. The five modes are- PHOTON, ION, ENI+PHOTON, EMS+PHOTON, COOL+PHOTON. PHOTON mode is aimed at older users with milder signs of aging. ION mode is used for deep cleaning. ENI+PHOTON mode is operated after facial washing or after the aforementioned "ION" nursing mode. EMS+PHOTON mode is for application of an antiaging skin softening gel or cream evenly on the face after carrying out the "ENI+PHOTON" nursing. COOL+PHOTON mode is for cleaning the residual skin care products from the handset head.5,6

Radio frequency at-home device for wrinkle treatment and for sagging skin

 Picture Credits: Evenskyn 

RED Light therapy

Red light therapy is another evolving technology for providing anti-ageing benefits. This is also known as low-power laser therapy (LPLT), low-level laser therapy (LLLT), and photobiomodulation (PBM). Red light therapy (RLT) mainly resolves skin problems with the help of low wavelength red light and can be beneficial in skin conditions such as scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

In red light therapy, your skin is exposed to a laser, or a lamp containing a red light. Mitochondria (power generator of cells) soak the RED light and start generating more energy. This, in turn helps in skin and muscle tissues healthy by repairing the cells within. This technique uses very low levels of heat, and thus, does not cause any harm or burn the skin.7,8

RLT (Red light therapy), as an efficient way for skin rejuvenation and the same has been established in multiple studies. Some of the benefits offered by RLT include:

  • Increase in the production of collagen in the skin, which gives the skin its elasticity
  • Increase in the production of fibroblast, which helps to produce collagen and other tissue fibers
  • Protection of cells from damage
  • Reduction in the severity of wrinkles
  • Increase in the blood circulation between tissue cells and the bloodstream
  • Increase in the production of mRNA in the cells, that further helps in cell stimulation
  • Improvement in the texture of the face
  • Reduction in the fine lines

A clinical trial published in the journal Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, evaluated the effect of usage of red light treatment for some common skin conditions in 136 participants. The study investigators found that these light therapies displayed multiple benefits on participants including improvement in the skin complexion, rejuvenation of the skin and enhancement in the feeling of the skin 8


Ageing and wrinkle formation is a natural process, which cannot be avoided as no preventative treatments or diets can prevent a person from ageing. However, you can relieve yourself of these wrinkles and have a youthful skin for long term, sitting at home, thanks to the evolving technological advances and the novel Radiofrequency based at-home treatment devices available. These devices have not only proved their efficacy but also, are completely safe, as has been established in multiple clinical studies.



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