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Evenskyn Pulsar Laser
Basic / Generic Laser


Good for all skin tones, except darker than medium-brown.

Not ideal for brown or dark-tanned white skin.

laser Strength

8 Intensity Levels (Level 8 is currently the highest found in any at-home hair removal handset), thus max once a week-usage.

5 Intensity Levels: Requires more sessions and often can even be used twice a week given lower power of the IPL laser.


Superior technology in every way: More advanced cooling, Quartz tube ensures better hair follicle targeting, LCD screen & more.

Generic older technology: No screen and half the usage-life (given regular laser tube).

Bikin Line Sensitivity

Lowest intensity setting and design allow for pain-free treatment of Brazilian and bikini line areas.

Bloated handset design makes it harder to treat narrow areas & energy-level selection limitation may lead to it not being a pain-free experience.

Shipping Times

2-Day FedEx Global Shipping.

Usually shipped from China with transit times as long as 3 weeks.