Evenskyn® Mirage: A Led Face Mask for Skin Revitalization

Evenskyn® Mirage: A Led Face Mask for Skin Revitalization

Facial skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines, and aging signs are increasingly prevalent nowadays. These issues are often attributed to our lifestyles and the environment we live in. However, the beauty industry has made significant advancements in skincare technology in recent years, particularly with the introduction of professional LED light therapy masks. These masks have become incredibly popular among skincare enthusiasts worldwide and for good reason. They have proven highly effective in addressing various skin concerns, making them a preferred solution for those seeking healthier and more radiant skin.

And among all those masks - EvenSkyn® Mirage: Pro LED Phototherapy face mask has revolutionized the pursuit of a luminous face. It is a convenient, non-invasive, and captivating approach to combat common skin problems like acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dullness. In this blog post, you'll explore this mask's remarkable features, mechanisms, and benefits. Let's discover the secrets to achieving flawless skin -

EvenSkyn® Mirage: Key Features

  • Mirage® is among those at-home portable LED face masks designed to offer powerful light therapy for skin rejuvenation. It features 204 individual units of the most powerful LEDs ever manufactured, providing industry-leading performance.
  • The mask offers three color modes: red, blue, and yellow, each targeting specific skin concerns such as collagen synthesis, acne reduction, wound healing, and skin rejuvenation.
  • The device emits light at precise wavelengths: 630nm ± 3nm (red), 415nm ± 3nm (blue), and 583 nm ± 3nm (yellow), ensuring effective photobiomodulation.
  • The Mirage LED face mask is compact and portable, with a rated voltage of DC 5V 1A, a battery capacity of 1500mA, and a quick charging time of 2.5 hours. It also holds various safety certifications, including FDA and Health Canada.

Understanding LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy for skin care involves using safe and non-invasive light wavelengths to address various skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, and aging skin, promoting a healthier and rejuvenated complexion. All thanks to NASA!

Let's learn what it is, according to NASA:
NASA has conducted intriguing studies on using LED red light therapy for healing, skin conditions, and pain treatment. Initially set by NASA to assist astronauts in managing injuries during prolonged space missions - From there, LED therapy has evolved into a safe and non-invasive method for addressing various skin and pain conditions. Indeed, LED therapy's effectiveness is not only recognized by NASA but also highly regarded for its remarkable anti-aging treatment today!

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Gone are the times when invasive procedures and complex skincare routines were necessary. Now, with an LED light therapy-based mask, you can effortlessly improve the look of your skin, revitalizing it from within.

How does LED Light therapy work?

LED therapy, also known as Light Emitting Diode therapy, employs distinct light wavelengths to activate different cellular processes within the skin. The LED colors yielded by Mirage include red, blue, and yellow.

Red Light
Red light in the mask stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation, and improves skin elasticity. It combats wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging by increasing collagen production and improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, age spots, and sunspots.

Blue Light
Blue light has strong antibacterial properties that specifically target bacteria causing acne. It reduces breakouts, inflammation, and oil production, making it an effective treatment for acne-prone skin. In EvenSkyn® Mirage: Pro LED phototherapy face mask, blue light at 415 nm kills acne-causing bacteria - relieving inflammatory acne and treating breakouts.

Yellow Light
Yellow light, at 583 nm, rejuvenates the skin by improving tone, reducing redness, and enhancing lymphatic drainage. It boosts blood circulation, reduces dullness, and promotes healing, resulting in improved texture, diminished scarring, and reduced redness.

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Benefits of LED Light Therapy Mask, "Mirage"

Pain-free and Non-invasive - LED light therapy masks offer a pain-free alternative to traditional skin care treatments without needles or incisions.

Boost collagen production - The red light emitted by LED therapy masks stimulates collagen and elastin production, leading to improved skin texture, reduced wrinkles, and increased firmness.

Safe for all skin types - LED light therapy masks are gentle on the skin and suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, as they do not cause damage or irritation. 

Reduce acne and breakouts - Blue light therapy targets and kills acne-causing bacteria, reducing breakouts and inflammation while regulating sebum production to prevent future acne flare-ups.

Deals with hyperpigmentation - LED therapy masks help even out skin tone, fade dark spots, and reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or post-inflammatory conditions.

Improves overall skin health - This innovative, professional-grade LED light therapy mask rejuvenates the skin by boosting cellular activity, promoting oxygenation, and detoxifying the skin, resulting in a fresh and revitalized complexion.


Professional LED light therapy masks have revolutionized the skincare industry, offering a fast, safe, and highly efficient solution for various skin issues. Whether you're dealing with acne, wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation; Evenskyn® Mirage will use targeted light wavelengths to rejuvenate your skin. Don't wait anymore; bid adieu to your skin concerns and see the incredible results of using this Pro LED phototherapy face mask!

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