How to Massage the Forehead to Remove Wrinkles 

How to Massage the Forehead to Remove Wrinkles 

Wrinkles are natural and are a part of the aging process. Wrinkles generally occur due to long exposures of the body parts, such as hands, neck, face, and forearms, to the sun. Generally, the extent of wrinkle formation depends on the genetics of an individual, however, pollutants and smoking also play an important part and contribute to their formation.1 One of the most prominent body parts, where wrinkles appear, is the forehead. Forehead wrinkles are primarily caused by the frontalis muscle, present around the forehead region. The movement of this muscle causes the wrinkles to appear. Also raising of the eyebrows results in the development of wrinkles with age.

Several natural ways can prevent or delay the onset of wrinkles. One of the better ways to prevent the wrinkle formation is having a healthy and antioxidants rich diet. Antioxidants help in the removal of harmful substances such as free radicals from the body, that can damage the skin and result in wrinkles. Also, drinking an adequate amount of water helps in keeping the skin hydrated and avoids dryness. This dryness can ultimately lead to wrinkles. Additionally, excess exposure to the sun is not good for the skin and, hence, direct sun exposure should always be avoided. This is because the sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays which can cause damage to the skin.2

Another effective and scientifically proven method to remove wrinkles, especially on the forehead, is through facial massaging. Massaging the face is known to promote blood flow and levels of oxygen in the skin. This further helps in removing or lowering the wrinkles, reduces puffiness and even improves the skin tone and glow of the skin of the face. Facial massaging with appropriate agents, is also known to promote the formation of collagen, which in turn helps in making the skin look youthful and wrinkle free.11

Effective massaging techniques to remove wrinkles

Incorporating the schedule of daily face massage, in your busy routine, can help you to a great extent in keeping away the wrinkles. Not only is daily massage important, but the technique used and how you conduct the massage are also important. Some people believe that massaging in the upward motion helps in preventing the sagging and formation of wrinkles, as the upward motion would help to pull the skin bands up. However, this is a myth. A forehead massage can be done using the fingertips of both hands to apply pressure in the upward and downward motion simultaneously. Massaging in both the direction helps in improving blood flow, collagen production and the downward motion, specifically, helps in draining the water retention. 4

An effective face massage treatment can include multiple steps and techniques such as firming, contouring and lifting treatments. These treatments either conducted standalone or in combination have anti-aging benefits. These techniques help in the enhanced blood circulation, more oxygen flow and better absorption of facial massage products in the skin, leading to better effect.3 

So how exactly does massaging help in making you look younger? Doctors and scientists highlight that clinical evidence suggests the stress, which we carry from our daily lives, in addition to the natural facial expressions and eye movements, and the standard aging process, creates saggy skin and fine lines and wrinkles on our face. The facial massage techniques improve the blood flow, relax the stress and stimulate the growth of cells, thereby leading to enhanced collagen production and tightening of the skin. Research also suggests that massaging in the circular motion, can help in depuffing the face and improvement in lymphatic drainage.12

Due to these scientifically established benefits, multiple people are now preferring various massaging techniques over artificial treatment methods such as Botox. Various studies have established the severe side effects of Botox injections. Botox can cause inflammation of the skin.7

Innovative massaging devices:

With the advent of technology, there are multiple effective massaging devices available. These devices provide you with the comfort of conducting an effective massage at home. These are specifically helpful, in the post-pandemic era, when we would like to reduce the unnecessary human contactless.

EvenSkyn Lumo is one such innovative device that uses advanced massage technologies including Radiofrequency (RF), Photorejuvenation, and EMS for removing wrinkles and other signs of aging. Radiofrequency produces radio waves that warm up the dermis up to 40-degree Celsius which results in the formation of new collagen. Whereas the red and blue led lights, photons the microcurrent helps in skin renewal. Lumo has been proven to be very effective in reducing the effects of aging, wrinkles and frown lines. The device has shown results in as few as 3 uses, including a visible reduction in wrinkles and frown lines.8

Lumo device is easy to use and can be used at home without requiring any expert. The EVENSKYN device works on five modes- PHOTON, ION, ENI+PHOTON, EMS+PHOTON and COOL+PHOTON.

Lumo features for wrinkle treatment using RF
Picture Credits: Evenskyn 

The usage of multiple modes ensures that you have the option to customize the device as per your requirement and comfort. The device has been approved by the US FDA and hence has established efficacy and is safe to use at home as well.



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