How Ultrasonic Cleansing Is Much Better Than Using a Deep Skin Cleansing Product

How Ultrasonic Cleansing Is Much Better Than Using a Deep Skin Cleansing Product

Skin cleansing in various forms is an essential part of the beauty clinic industry. It removes debris, dirt, and sebum caused by modern-day pollution and helps to slow the aging process.

However, the challenge faced by beauticians is avoiding the excess removal of sebum and maintaining an intact outer skin barrier, the correct pH level, and adequate hydration.

With that said, Ultrasonic Cleansing, together with more traditional skincare methods, is an effective method to avoid the risk of over-cleansing.

What Does Ultrasonic Mean?

Ultrasonic Cleansing is not a new concept and has been used in the industry for many years. For example, cleaning metal parts where they are placed in a solvent and sound waves of a very high frequency creates vibrations that remove the dirt.

How Does This Technology Lend Itself to Skin Cleansing?

The technology is typically used in handheld devices that are lightweight and easy to use. In addition, they often combine more than one skincare function into one device. This makes them more versatile and offers excellent value for money. Some of these functions are:

  • Clean mode for regular daily cleansing.
  • Ultra mode for a deeper cleanse to remove built-up dirt.
  • Nutrition mode for applying moisturizing lotions.

The Clean Mode is used daily in conjunction with your favorite cleanser. Just apply the cleanser to your face and drag the spatula gently across your face. The ultra-fast vibration quickly lifts the excess oil out of your skin.

On the other hand, the Ultra Mode cleans the pores of your skin and removes dirt, blackheads, and loose skin. The spatula of the device vibrates at a frequency of 24 kHz, which is 24 000 times per second, as you use it, quickly breaking up dirt. The vibrations create the waves that do the work.

Lastly, the Nutrition Mode is used to apply moisturizer. First, the moisturizer is applied to the spatula and drawn across the face in a usual manner. In this mode, blue light is used at a wavelength of 465nm.

This extremely short wavelength helps to kill the Propionibacterium, responsible for acne and other break-outs. In addition, the vibration helps to drive the moisturizer deeper into the skin, where it can work better than just applying to the surface of the skin alone.

Most of these Ultrasonic chargers connect to USB chargers and are therefore always ready for use and easy to carry with you on a trip, so you need not miss a cleanse because you are not at home.

A typical example of an ultrasonic cleanser can be seen on the website of Canadian manufacturer Evenskyn.

As can be seen, the main benefits of these devices are:

  • There is no longer the need to visit costly beauty clinics.
  • The devices are relatively inexpensive and straightforward to use.
  • They can become an integral part of your daily cleansing routine.
  • Judging by published testimonials, they also seem to work effectively.
  • Results can be seen after eight weeks with just ten minutes of use a day.

These devices seem to have revolutionized the cosmetic world and taken a lot of the hard work out of a daily skin cleansing regime. On top of this, they have been shown to perform better than manual cleansing.



  Author: April Ann Q. 


First published: 22 February 2021

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