Skin Care for Aging Skin

Skin Care for Aging Skin

Numerous factors contribute to skin aging. Some factors are controllable while some cannot be controlled like natural skin-aging processes. Among those that can be influenced in one way or another, it usually involves caring for your skin and following a skin care regimen that helps maintain the youthful look of your skin as much possible.

Elaborating the concept, we understand that when the natural aging process of the skin begins, every individual gets wrinkles or aging lines on their face. This loss of youthfulness becomes more noticeable as people begin to age. They might also be able to observe some skin changes like drying and thinning of the skin. This type of ageing which is contributed mainly by internal factors of the body is commonly known as “intrinsic aging.” There are many environmental factors such as sun exposure, poor nutrition, air pollution, and smoking that can also cause the skin to age prematurely. This type of skin aging is called as “extrinsic aging.” People can slow down the effects of extrinsic aging by taking some preventive actions.1,3

Tips to control and reduce premature skin aging 

  • People who have a habit of smoking should immediately quit smoking as it significantly increases skin aging. It also causes aging lines, wrinkles, sallows, and a dull complexion.
  • Dermatologists advise frequent use of moisturizer and sunscreen as these are the most effective anti- skin-aging products people should buy. Using these two products daily can make a visible difference.

The sunscreen should preferably have all of the following mentioned qualities:

  • SPF 30 (or higher)
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Water resistance

An anti-aging moisturizer aids in lessening the aging lines. It is an efficient anti-aging ingredient in many products. Using sunscreen and moisturizer together is also helpful. If a person spends more time outdoors in the Sun, then sunscreen should be applied properly in order to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Also, the sunscreen is advised to be applied every 2 hours when you expect yourself to be under direct sunlight.

  • Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is a very important skincare routine that should be followed. Results of a few studies suggest that eating sufficient amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits may prevent the skin from premature aging. Many research studies also showed that if people consume refined carbohydrates and sugar then it can quicken the signs of skin aging.
  • Alcohol consumption should be reduced to minimal or preferably stopped as it dehydrates and damages the skin. Worse, this can lead to older-looking skin!
  • Dermatologists usually advise washing your face two times a day. It is also important to wash your skin after heavy sweating as perspiration irritates the skin. For example, wearing a helmet or a cap for long hours can make you feel sweaty, the sweat not only makes you feel uncomfortable but also itchy. It reflects how it irritates your skin and how important it is that you wash your skin off the sweat!
  • Results of a few studies show that exercising is very helpful to boost the immune system, releases toxins from the body in the form of sweat, and enhance blood circulation. Exercising at least 3-4 days a week may give the skin a more young-looking appearance.
  • While sleeping, the skin repairs itself, so a good night's sleep is vital to have good skin health. Quality rest helps in preventing the sagging of skin around the eyes and puffiness on the facial skin. Many people face problems like staying and falling asleep, this can be managed by a natural sleep enhancer drink that contains age-defying minerals, herbs, antioxidants, and vitamins.

A study published in the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology showed that people who slept at least 7to 9 hours every night had more moisturized skin that had the potency to heal and protect itself better after exposure to UV rays/light as compared to the people who slept only 5 or less than 5 hours. Also, in a self-evaluation test the participants who slept well i.e., between 7 to 9 hours, rated themselves as more attractive.5

  • Staying hydrated is a key rule to rejuvenate the skin. When the skin is dehydrated, it starts to sag and thin out. Therefore, it is advised to drink plenty of water to keep the skin plumped up and hydrated. The more water, the merrier the skin!
  • A diet rich in antioxidants, such as vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin E, and lycopene may help preserve skin elasticity and overall good skin health.1,2,3,4,7

At-Home skincare devices

Nowadays, people are opting more for skincare devices as they are handy, easy to use with minimal guidance and cost-effective. If you have not yet tried them, you can check out EvenSkyn’s Lumo. It is one of the best options available in the market at this price tag and very effective. It is a premium anti-aging & skin tightening handset, that is designed targeting facial skincare in mind. It has been designed using some of the most sought skin care technologies such as Radiofrequency, LED phototherapy, and EMS microcurrents.

EvenSkyn Lumo users may opt to use select modes only, or use modes that work with their skin conditions, needs, and lifestyle. For example, regular users of makeup can use the ION mode when they wash their faces after removing the makeup for assistance with enhanced cleaning; similarly, users with skincare products that can benefit from assistance with the absorption of said products can regularly use the ENI+PHOTON mode after applying/rubbing in the skincare product(s). For the users that are desirous of tighter and firmer skin, they can use the EMS+PHOTON mode (again note, this mode should not be used more than 2 times a week — and that too, by aged users). Younger users should aim for a maximum of once-a-week usage for no more than 15 minutes for the EMS+PHOTON mode).


Skin is the largest organ of our body and therefore, has a significant role to play. It acts as a defence mechanism against many environmental hazards, it also regulates the body temperature, and of course, has many tasks to perform. You must try and take proper care of your skin as an essential part of maintaining your health, and not just for a beautiful appearance. The presence of at-home skin care devices has only made this feat easier to achieve. 8,9


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